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Topics for community webinars and guides

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Following are some Ideas for community outputs gleaned from our initial survey and research. The text in brackets are my interpretation of what the output could look like. Please comment below on what other things you might like.

Explanatory guides/webinars

  • An overview of the basic framework. e.g. What happens after the front end data is collected. [An overall framework of IOT, spelled out in basic technical detail, i.e. the Body of Knowledge Framework]
  • Reference guide to common acronyms. [Glossary with simply English explanations, part of wiki?]
  • IOT for other engineers [A plain English version assuming no ICT knowledge whatsoever]
  • Commercial guidance - what are current models and why aren't they suitable for the new technologies. + How others justify investment towards IOT technologies and what is happening in Australia  [1)How to build a business case, and 2) How to select the right technology set]
  • Guide to IoT standards and protocols
  • Examples/Case studies of applications [1) to spark imagination of what is possible, and 2) Demystifies IOT]
  • Expert forums where i can get in touch with people involved in IOT rollouts [Links to more specialist forums?]
  • Industry/discipline specific application guides (electrical dist x2, power generation x2, asset mgt, mining,civil, geotechnical, mechanical  [What would this look like? What is different between industries?]
  • Guide to relevant grants supporting innovation using IOT


Advanced tools

  • Risk assessment methodologies needed when complex technologies are integrated. [Risk engineering guide for IOT]
  • How IOT can be secure and be accessible for public development [Guide to security issues]
  • Rasperry Pi or Arduino interfacing to environmental monitoring sensors and ("conventional") control systems, and expanding from there. [??]
  • IOT Testing Lab for engineers to play and test solutions

Product technology selection

“IoT is so varied it can be daunting finding the right thing (product or service).” + “Access to high level but also detailed information about current technologies, products and challenges.

  • Low priced self data analytics [Guides to specific segments of the IOT framework] 
  • Guides on wireless/satellite communications and power consumption.
  • A directory of product / service providers. [Integrated guide, showing how providers focus on different parts of the IOT framework and different industries]
  • new product/innovation newsletter


  • STEM outreach guides i.e. IOT for high school students
  • IOT challenge for engineering students

Please comment below with additional suggestions.

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