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  1. Here is an Open Group webinar explaining their interoperability standard for IoT with some basic uses cases. It is interesting how the Internet of Things is becoming more isolated solutions depending on the cloud platform and closed communication protocols. O-MI and O-DF suggest an easy way to implement interoperability based on schemas. Would be interesting to know, how many other standards are out there. Also, interoperability would raise another architecture concern: security.
  2. The news about the possibility for Engineers to be registered to provide engineering services made me think about IoT domain. I encourage reading the consultation paper here The proposed eligibility requirements are the likes of the Queensland Board (BPEQ). Qualifications Experience Make sense: A Degree should tell that someone is capable. The experience should be backed by a degree. This is Status Quo, Steve Jobs would have a different opinion Ok,, back to the subject, the schemes also proposes to register engineers against Industry verticals or Field of Engineerin
  3. until
    Here is the description from the event site: "Are our cities really "smart" or are they just really well connected? How is IoT impacting industries and what is that going to mean for you? Join us for this one day boutique workshop designed to achieve commercial alignment across telecom operators, ISV's, Enterprise and Red Hat in Australia and to "raise the tide" for all across the ecosystem while providing thought leadership. Discussions of real use industry cases and speed dating." Location: Sheraton Melbourne Hotel - 27 Little Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000 Registra
  4. Anybody here, would know the toolbox for spectrum modelling in Matlab/Simulink? I suspect one of the following: RF Toolbox or Phased Array Systems? any ideas?
  5. Yes agree with you, I think the promise of the Open Group with its O-MI standard is promising in the long run, at the very end IoT is exactly the connection of things so they will a common protocol to speak. And amongst these disparate of standards bodies the adopted ones will be the successful ones.
  6. @Geoff Sizer The 3GPP I wound't call it emerging proprietary standards, this group have a rich history in the cellular domain coming from the development of GSM with ETSI, which all know who won the battle of CDMA vs GSM. They developed the UMTS, which is 3G and developed the LTE, 4G or LTE-A. However, you're right saying the body standard are lagging behind but this is history repeating itself with disrupting technologies. Something to note, will be the new standard working group from 3GPP developing 5G which will cover narrowband, 15 years power device expectancy. Other st
  7. @Andrew at MEA thanks for replying. So basally, Plexus is a turn-key solution. I though there was some RF Design/Planning prior the deployment, so was trust the radio coverage of 1km with LoS (Line of Sight) and assumed a 2 metres height to have access to the radio signals. Always good to have some desktop analysis prior deployment to ensure good quality signals/coverage. LoS/nLoS: Line of Sight or Non Line of sight, this are some characteristics to be taken into account when designing RF solutions. Thanks Cesar.
  8. @Tim Kannegieter do you have rough number to see how will look like. Perhaps validate at least the overall metric i.e community engagement for the next core meeting. Furthermore, looking at the post Value Measurement-IoT Practice Community @Ankur Barua there are here some interesting topics and I will use some of the timeframes for the first version of the roadmap and we'll see how it goes. Map Needs for Roadmap.xlsx
  9. @Andrew at MEA great post, amazing effort from you and your team. it is a true entrepreurship endevour from engineering. I would like to ask about this bit: "All this before we even let customers near the data that was being produced" Is this means that you were designing a product without knowing the data you needed ? What design approach did your team used? A more technical one, what software was used for RF coverage, LoS/nLoS and QoS? Thanks again for sharing this. Cesar.
  10. Hey IoTers Following up the last core members meeting and based on the different topics listed here: I’ve created what I call a “table needs”, from this table needs we can have the main themes for the roadmap, you’ll see goals, outcomes and possible way to measure them. The table is on google sheets, which I though is the best possible tool so everyone can have access on and comment. I propose after the Goals have been agreed, then we can start develop the roadmap and the subset of plan to achieve each goal, for example, develop the Wiki. Have
  11. until

    I will not be able to attend this webinar. I do hope will be available in MyCPD.
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