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  2. Just attaching some photos of a recent deployment in Victoria pre-lockdown. Using LoRa devices, 3G cellular, and the Telstra network.
  3. Hi everyone. I'm Akiba, a specialist in IoT/WSN. I've been involved in wireless sensor networks since 2002 and helped work on the 802.15.4 spec as well as the Zigbee-2006 spec in the US. I'm currently doing designs involving LoRa for local sensor networks and using 3G and 4G NB-IoT cellular backhauls. I'm also working with the Argos satellite network for environmental monitoring projects in more extreme remote areas and have projects out in the Australian bush. I'll be moving to Australia soon and looking forward to making acquaintances with fellow IoT engineers out there. Hope everyone is good. Stay safe and take care. Akiba
  4. Meet Myriota: Revolutionizing your industry with satellite IoT On June 2nd 2021 at 1:30PM PDT / June 3rd at 6:00AM ACST join me, Myriota’s Steve Winnall, VP of Engineering and Nicole Russo, Director of Product in our Meet Myriota webinar. Discover everything you need to know about Myriota technology! Hear how Myriota’s direct-to-orbit technology works, Learn how to connect your device direct-to-satellite and how you can use Myriota’s patented technology to revolutionize your industry, Hear how developers are creating world-first products on the Myriota Platform. Key info: Date and time: 2nd June 1:30PM (PDT) / 3rd June 6:00AM (ACST) To register: https://bit.ly/3fbIR47
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    Upcoming webinar - IoT Security Guides Thursday 20 May 2021, 12:00pm to 1:00pm AEST Speaker: Frank Zeichner (CEO, Internet of Things Alliance Australia) The Internet of Things Alliance Australia (IoTAA) has published “plain language” guides to security, safety and privacy for Internet of Things (IoT) users and technology providers. The guides are the first of their type produced in Australia, according to the IoTAA, which is the peak Australian IoT industry body - although the Australian Cyber Security Centre also offers tips aimed at helping the community buy and use IoT devices securely. The IoTAA guides are designed to increase awareness of IoT risks and “actionable outcomes”. They feature tips for designing, sourcing and managing IoT technology. About Frank Zeichner Frank is a thought leader in the adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) in Australia and is foundation CEO of the IoT Alliance Australia (IoTAA), the peak Australian Internet of Things industry body, whose mission is to drive Australias competitiveness and societal benefit through collaboration across the research, industry, government and community. Frank Zeichner is also Partner Manager for the Race2030 CRC. The Reliable Affordable Clean Energy for 2030 Cooperative Research Centre (RACE for 2030 CRC) an Industry Board member of the NSW Smart Sensing Network. Engineers Australia members: FREE Non-Engineers Australia members: $30
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    IoT Systems Design - Lessons Learned from Practical Experience By Geoff Sizer Over the past few years, Geoff's company Genesys Electronics Design has designed and developed a wide range of IoT systems, encompassing deployed sensing & actuator devices, through Personal Area, Local Area and Wide Area networks to the Cloud. These systems collectively use most of the communications, processing and powering technologies that are encountered in IoT systems. They include devices which use WiFi and Bluetooth Low Energy communications to link with mobile devices and thence the Internet. IoT systems which will be used as examples are: Security surveillance monitoring Surveillance camera support Home monitoring for the elderly Water resource monitoring Mobile device controlled signage Medical devices for diagnostics The communications technologies and powering methods used for each of these systems will be described, including selection methodology and field experience. Geoff will share his experience gained in the development, production transfer and field support of these systems. In particular, he will address: Cost effective electronics design Communications methods and options Antennas and RF signal egress Enclosures and environmental protection Electromagnetic compatibility and radiocommunications compliance Communications security Establishing volume production Deployment and commissioning Geoff will conclude by describing electronics modules and software that Genesys has developed as an IoT systems development resource, to embody "lessons earned" to allow rapid implementation and deployment of IoT proof-of-concept systems. Key takeaways How to architect your IoT system Selection of key communications, powering and other technologies Tips and tricks for successful under-the-hood design How to navigate regulatory compliance & certification Tuesday 13 April 2021, 12:00pm to 1:00pm AEST Engineers Australia members: FREE Non-Engineers Australia members: $30
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    IoT Commerical Practicalities by Jon Eggins IoT technology is often self-evident, and self-selecting. However, commercially viable IoTapplications are often not. In this webinar, we look at a common set of commercial practicalities for a successful IoT system and team. We'll be discussing the economies of IoT development, and common pitfalls and mistakes made by start-ups & entrepreneurs. We'll also be looking at your team and its skills, and the engineering maturity of your team, and why your technology is just a tool in your toolbox, and not the be-all and end-all of your success. About the speaker Jon has over 20-years of experience in developing electronic products with Genesys, Philips and now VBreathe. Over this time, Jon has been responsible for other functions such as operations, HR, sales, marketing and communications. He has specific interests in IoT architecture and electro-mechanical systems more generally. Key takeaways Money talks & false economies "I love your idea ... but no, I don't want to buy it." It's all about people Your tech should be hidden
  8. I couldn't see another post on this. There is an online conference on IoT technologies running 8 - 9 December 2020. More details here: https://www.iotonlineconference.com/ I suggest you look at the events that they are running and decide if this could help you.
  9. Наша коммерческая организация была основана, чтобы предложить на рынке комплексные решения, связанные с аквапанель купить киев и пузырьковые. Мы ищем индивидуальный подход к каждому партнеру, поэтому, Вы можете быть уверены, что будете довольны результатами нашего сотрудничества. В заказах на пузырьковая панель киев и пузырьковая панель где купить мы используем материалы ведущих мировых и отечественных подрядчиков, которые в сочетании с опытом и профессионализмом наших специалистов дают всегда предсказуемо превосходный результат. Примеры наших заказов по выполнению стоимость пузырьковых панелей и изготовление пузырьковых панелей вы можете посмотреть на нашем вебсайте. Если Вас интересует наш асортимент услуг про водяные панели или про водно пузырьковая панель цена - то заходите к нам на вебпортал - https://aqua-jet.top - и узнайте больше необходимой информации про аквапанель цена харьков или про воздушно пузырьковые панели и колонны В процессе консультации, учитываются параметры выполнения и индивидуальные пожелания клиента. На ее основе наши специалисты создают дизайн-проект по пузырьковая панель из поликарбоната своими руками – он позволяет визуализировать конечный результат. Такой способ дает возможность увидеть сильные и слабые стороны идеи, а при необходимости – внести дополнения еще до начала работ. Наша компания гордится своими многочисленными клиентами, их благодарными отзывами и будет рада видеть вас в их числе. Наши Теги: пузырьковые панели отзывы, пузырьковая панель видео, стена с пузырьками, пузырьковые панели в интерьере квартиры, пузырьковая монопанель, пузырьковая панель, пузырьковая стена, пузырьковая панель из поликарбоната. Наш сайт: https://aqua-jet.top :: производство пузырьковых панелей : : стоимость пузырьковых панелей Всего хорошего!
  10. I can sense a major disruption to the traditional BMS industry. Won't be like the smartphone takeover where you can see who is behind it (predominantly Apple), it'll be the thousands of manufacturers with their internet ready devices and cheap, effective, easy to use interfaces...almost like termites destroying a massive structure. Consumers will win (mostly), and the traditional BMS manufacturers (mostly CLIPSAL in Aus), will need to react or they'll miss out.
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