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    IoT Systems Design - Lessons Learned from Practical Experience By Geoff Sizer Over the past few years, Geoff's company Genesys Electronics Design has designed and developed a wide range of IoT systems, encompassing deployed sensing & actuator devices, through Personal Area, Local Area and Wide Area networks to the Cloud. These systems collectively use most of the communications, processing and powering technologies that are encountered in IoT systems. They include devices which use WiFi and Bluetooth Low Energy communications to link with mobile devices and thence the Inter
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    IoT Commerical Practicalities by Jon Eggins IoT technology is often self-evident, and self-selecting. However, commercially viable IoTapplications are often not. In this webinar, we look at a common set of commercial practicalities for a successful IoT system and team. We'll be discussing the economies of IoT development, and common pitfalls and mistakes made by start-ups & entrepreneurs. We'll also be looking at your team and its skills, and the engineering maturity of your team, and why your technology is just a tool in your toolbox, and not the be-all and end-all o
  4. I couldn't see another post on this. There is an online conference on IoT technologies running 8 - 9 December 2020. More details here: https://www.iotonlineconference.com/ I suggest you look at the events that they are running and decide if this could help you.
  5. Наша коммерческая организация была основана, чтобы предложить на рынке комплексные решения, связанные с аквапанель купить киев и пузырьковые. Мы ищем индивидуальный подход к каждому партнеру, поэтому, Вы можете быть уверены, что будете довольны результатами нашего сотрудничества. В заказах на пузырьковая панель киев и пузырьковая панель где купить мы используем материалы ведущих мировых и отечественных подрядчиков, которые в сочетании с опытом и профессионализмом наших специалистов дают всегда предсказуемо превосходный результат. Примеры наших заказов по выполнению стоимость пузы
  6. I can sense a major disruption to the traditional BMS industry. Won't be like the smartphone takeover where you can see who is behind it (predominantly Apple), it'll be the thousands of manufacturers with their internet ready devices and cheap, effective, easy to use interfaces...almost like termites destroying a massive structure. Consumers will win (mostly), and the traditional BMS manufacturers (mostly CLIPSAL in Aus), will need to react or they'll miss out.
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    Autonomous Miniature Solar Energy Power Supplies for IoT Sensors and Medical Implants By Professor Alison Lennon This webinar will explore the potential and technology required for solar powered IoT sensors and sub-dermal medical implants. Australia has many applications which can benefit from low cost automated sensing. These include wide area sensing for agriculture, early detection of natural disasters (e.g., bushfires) and biomedical monitoring. Technologies which can be autonomously powered using solar energy provide the key benefits of reduced cost and size. This webinar w
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    Wearable sensing technologies key to IoT future by Javad Foroughi With IoT systems beginning to become commoditised, the point of differentiation for new product development is increasingly moving towards the ability to leverage smart sensing technologies. A key field of research is that of new electromaterials and novel fabrication strategies for seamlessly embedding sensors into fabrics. Garments made with such fabrics is enabling applications such as health to activity monitoring in a wide range of industries. For example the realtime location tracking and monitoring of
  9. After performing a cost calculation for my condition monitoring cloud platform product portfolio (connected devices sending data to an IoT core) I was shocked at how expensive Telstra's M2M monthly data plan is compared to all other services. Furthermore, it's AUD3.00 a SIM card (below 100 units) or AUD2.50 (above 100 units) and they deliver domestically for a flat rate of AUD15.00. I am able to run my entire cloud platform (storage, messaging, cyber security services, database queries, notifications) for half the cost of the Telstra product. This is a rip off!
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    Webinar - Deep Learning For Machine Vision Synopsis: Deep learning is the new frontier for artificial intelligence. The technology simulates brain activities by using billions of training examples similar to the way neurons operate. Deep neural networks are trained with GPU cluster with tens of thousands of processor. Applications of the technology include machine vision, physics, biology, transport, IoT. This talk will mainly introduce deep learning for machine vision. The technology could be used in smart manufacturing, health care, MedTech or in sport. For example, defect detectio
  12. Whistling in the IoT Wind. By a strange twist of fate, I find myself back where I and MEA began in 1984; in the wind energy business. Over the intervening years renewable energy has gone from ground zero in Australia to mainstream, and I’m no longer regarded as a tree-hugging sandal-wearing bearded fringe-dweller. Fortunately, this new application is solidly ground-based. Where once I was conducting field measurements on tall towers on potential wind farm sites, MEA’s latest CAT-M1 data loggers are now magnetically clamped to the base of giant wind turbine generators, back-
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    Webinar - Do You Own Your Data? Description Whether data originated with a consumer using a product, with sensors on a machine at a factory or on crates of crops picked in a field, the question remains: Whose data is it? There is no standard, agreed-upon, IoT data ownership model in place to clarify. If you don’t own your data, what constraints are placed on your use of that data? Do you have the right to use it any way you want? Who owns the insights gained from data that you don’t own? Who else has the right to use your data? In the web of company ownership, the ans
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    Webinar - Practical Industrial IoT Presenters - Glen Fry and Arlen Nipper Description - With the growth of analytics and the benefits of harnessing data from OT, a common question we hear is how best to implement an IIoT solution. Companies are struggling on how to start this process given their current industrial environment in a cost-effective and scalable manner to begin their Digital Transformation journey. Presenter and President of Cirrus Link Solutions, Arlen Nipper (co-inventor of MQTT), discusses the origins of MQTT, and follows with a demonstration of the benef
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    Machine Learning in (I)IoT Description The past few years has seen a significant resurgence in interest and application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This has been primarily driven by the ready availability of relatively high and scalable compute power, cloud systems and virtualisation. It has also occurred coincident with emerging interest in Big Data and (Industrial) Internet of Things. Machine Learning application at this time is dominated by statistical techniques such as Bayesian Inference. This, and other similar statistical approaches are well suit
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    IoT webinar - Overcoming IIoT Data Interoperability Challenges with OPC UA Presenter - Darek Kominek - Marketing Director at Matrikon (Honeywell) With the advent of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industrie4.0, the need for secure enterprise wide data visibility has fast become a key requirement for companies to remain competitive. While many of the new IIoT technologies coming from the IT sector (machine learning, big data analytics, and direct-to-cloud communications) promise great benefits to the discrete, process, and hybrid industries – the reality is that facilita
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    Description Sensahub by Sensavation is an Australian developed IoT software platform focused on making it easier to build IoT business solutions. This webinar shares experiences from the Sensavation team and partners with designing, customising and deploying IoT solutions in the industrial, agricultural and local government sectors. We will cover topics like the difficulties with developing IoT solutions, maximising the business value from an investment in IoT and some of the considerations needed to be successful with IoT. Key takeaways Sharing a couple of Australian IoT case s
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