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I've been working through the IoT webinar archives via the EA myPortal.  However, they only go up to 30/8.  It seems that I can access the September webinars via the IoT Calendar, however it directs me to myCPD which wants to charge me $30.  Is it intended that EA members need to pay for access to recordings for webinars after 30/8?



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Hello Lee, 

The intention is that the webinars recordings be available to EA members for free. However, we discovered a security issue with that method of distributing the webinars and stopped using it. A new approach is still being developed. In the meantime the only way to access webinar recordings is via MyCPD, which you do have to pay for as this is our channel to the general public. For your convenience, they are listed here.


The last few have not been put up yet due to a change of staff at MyCPD but should be up shortly.




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I have a few webinars that I missed that I am hoping to be able to watch when they are available for free.


Not sure of the inner workings of MyCPD but this might be a way to get the recording out for free to the EA members.

  • Use the EA membership (verified in the account profile) on MyCPD to automatically apply a 100% discount to the IoT webinar recordings.
  • This same process could be relevant for other content.
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