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2016-10-20 Minutes

Tim Kannegieter

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Following are minutes from the Core members meeting: 20 October 2106.

  • We discussed potential new roles below.
  • It was noted that they have been designed to minimise workload on any one individual while delivering personal benefits from undertaking the role. These need to be fleshed out in promoting and recruiting the roles during upcoming webinars. 
  • Also noted that we need to create a flowchart to show how all the roles work together (Tim Kannegieter (TK) to do this).
  • It was agreed we would go to the broader community to ask for interest in undertaking these roles.
  • Further discussion about upcoming webinars and the desire to hear from technology vendors. TK emphasised EA needs to be impartial. It was agreed to brainstorm options, identify pros and cons of each and decide on an approach. TK to facilitate this. 

Proposed Formal roles and functions are as follows:

a.       Community Leader

  i.      Hosts core member meetings and sends meeting invites

 ii.      Takes minutes and copies to Community Agenda Forum

 iii.      Approves all webinars and other events

 iv.      Ensures good variety of activities and coordination of all other roles

 v.      Backs up webinar coordinator as required

 vi.      Recruits and appoints new core members to roles as required.

b.       Body of Knowledge Coordinator

  i.      Responsible for Wiki structure

 ii.      Evolves wiki page templates to best capture useful knowledge

 iii.      Identifies gaps and requests the Webinars Program coordinator to find speakers on these topics

    iv.      Works with volunteers to get webinar transcriptions into a good format for the wiki.

v.      Uploads final content into the wiki.

vi.      Identifies opportunities for practice notes.

c.       Webinar Program Coordinator

  i.      Identifies potential speakers

 ii.      Ensures there is a speaker for every Tuesday

 iii.      Makes initial contact and organises/confirms date, enters into webinar management system

 iv.      Assigns/confirms a volunteer host for each webinar

 v.      Ensures there is one emergency backup speaker at all times.

d.       Community volunteers (x6)

  i.      Works with assigned speakers to get webinars description and bio min two week prior to meeting

 ii.      Hosts meetings (one per month)

 iii.      Edits transcriptions ready for upload to wiki.

 iv.      Leads Practice Note projects as required

e.       Forums facilitator

  i.      Monitors Google Alerts and adds appropriate news items to Industry News Forum

  ii.      Stimulates discussion threads on Engineering Forum (methods to be determined)

 iii.      Ensures all posts are responded to by appropriate community members

f.        Community Facilitator – EA staff member (currently Tim Kannegieter)

 i.      Recruit/approve the community leader

  ii.      Creates webinars in webinar system

 iii.      Reminds Community volunteers of upcoming content deadlines for promotion of webinars.

  iv.      Organises input of webinar descriptions into EA’s Event Alert system

  v.      Organises transcriptions of webinars

 vi.      Uploads webinar recordings to MyCPD

vii.      Manages email inbox (iotengineering@engineersaustralia.org.au) and resolves member issues.

 viii.      Develops and delivers support and training materials (process maps and instructions for new core members)

ix.      Develops and maintains community platform

x.      Coordinates promotion of community to the public

 xi.      Identifies and pursues sponsorship opportunities.

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