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WEF show-casing Australian IoT technology to the world

Andrew at MEA

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The IoT takes centre-stage at the World Electronics Forum (WEF) in Adelaide in early December 2019

The WEF is an annual meeting of Electronics Industry leaders from around the world.

This is the first time since 2003 that the WEF has taken place in Australia and will be a major event for our industry, bringing together investors and CEOs from the world’s largest electronics companies. It is expected to create business links, collaboration and investment opportunities. 

LPWAN – Low Power Wide Area IoT Networks – is a central stream of the conference.

This is your chance to hear from some of the key players in the Australian IoT scene:

1.    Alex Grant of Myriota (satellite-connected IoT)

2.    Adrian Tchordjallian of Thinxstra (Sigfox LPWAN)

3.    Andrew Suttle of U-Blox (international IoT experience across many fields)

4.    Andrew Skinner of MEA (AgTech IoT – long-range ZigBee, Bluetooth, 433 MHz LPWAN, 3G, CAT-M1, Myriota satellite)

Exhibition spaces are available for electronic companies looking for a local venue displaying to an international audience.

There are awards to be won for best product and young professional, plus others.

How about being a speaker, selling Australian innovation to the world? See the web-site for details: -


Only seven (7) weeks to go – register now, apply for an award, exhibition space or a speaking slot.

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