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    The Applied Internet of Things (IOT) Engineering Community is being run by Engineers Australia (EA). EA is an institution with over 100,000 members with the mission to "advance the science and practice of engineering". The community is open to the public and online participation is free. Events are free to members of EA and organisations that it has agreements with, including the Australian Computer Society (ACS), the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), the IEEE. The establishment of the community is being overseen by a sub-committee of EA’s ITEE College Board. However, anyone with an interest in IoT is free to become a core member of the community to access the resources and participate in the community forums.

    The mission of this community is to advance the science and practice of applied IOT engineering, as defined below. Along with the traditions methods of knowledge sharing through events and discussion, a key goal of this community is develop the body of knowledge in this field. The aim is to create outputs of practice value to members, including practice notes. These will be published in the resources section of this community. You can have your say on what would be useful to focus on by participating in the community agenda forum.

    Introduction to IOT

    IOT Engineering is defined as the range of business and technical practices required to implement an IOT initiative. IOT refers to the way physical objects are integrated with communication technologies, enabling them to be monitored and/or controlled remotely. The spectrum of technologies that enable IOT include advanced electronics and sensor/actuator technologies, next generation communication networks, cloud services to store the massive proliferation of data, big data analytics to make sense of it, mobile app development to interface with it and a whole range of protocols to enable it all to work together. More information can be found in our Introduction to IOT article.

    This community was created in recognition that some of the biggest barriers to the full uptake of the opportunity promised by IOT technology are due to practical engineering challenges AND a simple lack of understanding of the full range of technologies that need to be integrated. Because IOT systems span sensors and actuators deployed in the field right through to back end systems, engineers are ideally placed to address integration challenges. Engineers are also ideally placed to drive innovation in their industry through the application of IOT technologies to existing business processes. It is the need to "apply" IOT technologies using robust engineering methodologies to real world problems that gives rise the community's name and focus.

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