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  • How to optimise your profile

    Tim Kannegieter

    The success of the Applied IOT Engineering Community depends very much on the engagement of its members. As such we would very much like you to optimise your settings so that you are aware of what is going on and can engage fully. Due to privacy laws we can't do this for you. Following are the steps you need to take to be fully engaged:

    • Firstly you need to be logged on to make changes to your settings. Click the sign in button at the top right or register if you have not already done so.

    Subscribe to our fortnightly newsletter, which lists upcoming webinars and changes to the wiki. To subscribe:

    • Click the down arrow under your name in the top right corner.
    • Selected Account Settings >> Notification Settings 
    • Then tick the "Send me News and Information" box.

    Follow the main forums:

    • Click on the Forums tab > then the IOT Engineering forum 
    • then click the Follow button top right
    • Choose you frequency of emails (we recommend "when new content is posted" otherwise you can't participate in the live conversation).
    • Repeat for the Industry News forum and also the Community Agenda forum if you want to get more involved.

    Follow new resources and announcements:

    • Click on the Resources tab > then Case Studies 
    • Press the Follow button and select frequency of emails.

    Follow the Wiki:

    • Click on the Wiki tab, then index and click the follow button.

    The above are the most important ones. However, we also suggest that you bookmark the following useful pages in your browser:

    On your profile page (down arrow in top right corner) 

    A) upload an image of yourself (picture icon next to circle) and

    B) Say something about yourself by clicking the "Edit Profile" button.

    C) Tick any appropriate organisation membership.

    D) Consider enabling status updates so you can share what you are doing in the IOT space;

    E) Tick "news and information" and "automatically follow content" in the Notification Settings ; Do please choose to receive emails frequently as most communities thrive with regular interaction.

    Finally, don't forget to make a contribution by: 

    • Starting a discussion thread, ask a question or make a comment in the IoT Engineering Forum
    • Add a company announcement to the Industry News Forum or comment on any announcement.
    • Add an IoT event you have heard of, or are hosting, to the Other IoT Events section of the Calendar
    • Make a comment on any page of the Wiki.
    • Post a blog and tell your friends about.

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