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    Tim Kannegieter

    In terms of IOT technology, there are several industry participant. The major ones are:

    • Systems providers, including developers of devices, modules and systems, so the component parts make up an Internet of Things system.
    • Software developers are major participants for user interface applications, the operating systems that cause the Internet of Things to function, and the embedded devices, the things themselves.
    • Network providers: Connectivity by wire area networks and local area networks, generally wireless. This includes the service providers, the Telcos and some emerging players in this space that I'll talk about in a little later.
    • Cloud services and data analytic providers: These provide the ability to collect and store the data. Then analyse the data also known as big data.

    In the solution adopters space is just about everybody. Certainly industrial infrastructure system implementers who wish to gain better bang for their buck from their deployed systems. Common applications include asset management and business process engineering, where the information that can be gained from the Internet of Things is ultimately most valuable, with analytics applied to it to drive that value. This all leads into innovation and opportunities for innovators, entrepreneurs and people in the startup spaces, not only to provide the solutions but also to use and adopt those solutions.


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