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    Control and Supervision Systems

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    Tim Kannegieter

    Supervisory systems overlook many subsystems and enable automated decision making, as shown in the following diagram.

    supervisory systems disgram

    Diagram courtesy of Ryan Messina, Messina Vision Systems

    An application of supervisory systems is in smart cities, where decisions are based on information collected through the IoT. The IoT collects data which is often unstructured, which can lead to uncertainty. The level of uncertainty that a system can tolerate and still support the required decisions is a key challenge in designing for the IoT.


    The information on this page has been sourced primarily from the following:

    A webinar titled 'How Machine Vision Helps Realise the Smart City Concept' by Ryan Messina, Director and System Engineer, Messina Vision Systems delivered to this community on 4 July 2017.

    Edited by Tim Kannegieter

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