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9-Feb-17 Minutes

Geoff Sizer

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Core Members Virtual Meeting Thu 9-Feb-17

Participants:  Arthur, James, Arkady, Tim, Geoff

Notes taken by Geoff

Preliminary Discussion - Webinar Program

Webinar – weekly or fortnightly? – AB commented that there are plenty of topics – the issue was that of mustering resources to organize.  GS concurred.

We do not have speakers lined up for the next 4 weeks and have till Friday to fill the gap.

We have till tomorrow to lock someone in for next week.

14-Feb – Arthur as a possible speaker*

21-Feb – James to organize speaker but can’t commit to host

28 Feb – Geoff to organize

7-Mar -

14-Mar -

21-Mar – Arkady (tentative)


*For Tue 14th or some other date – a panel discussion group with open Q&A session


Agenda Item 1)      Topic areas we are short on are:

  • Data Analytics - need a real 101 introduction to this.
  • Cloud is a bit thin and comes from one particular perspective. Again need a 101 introduction about how to use it, set it up etc.
  • Device management - Zero content. Do we need it?
  • Sensors: Waiting on James to upload
  • Middleware: Zero content - what is it? Is this one for you geoff?
  • Mobile Device apps: Again empty. What can we say about this.
  • Trust and privacy: How is it different from Security?
  • Spectrum management: Zero content on this.

AB commented that the structure of the BoK included broad topic areas and could be restructured to  marrow down the second level.  TK indicated that a Wiki should self-construct and organize, and in theory did not need a table of contents – but a ToC is useful to kick things off.  James is in charge of the BoK and will discuss with Arthur.

Agenda Item 2)      Projects for the community: Discussion of the survey done last year. The order of priority of things members wanted are:

a.      Best practice notes on more advanced IOT topics – Wiki is a start on this.  Practice notes require significant effort to produce and there is no appetite within EA to fund this.

b.      Introductory tutorials on core IOT topics – AB opinion that this is the easiest path to address

c.       Laboratory workshops on how to actually set up a working IOT system

d.      Half or full day training sessions on core IOT topics – GS - This and the above item – not feasible to tackle this without EA staff support; this could be Webinar based  as opposed to a physical venue.  TK – this needs to be done on an integrated structured learning basis to engage Engineering Education Australia – this can piggy-back on GS proposal for World Engineering Congress for an IoT conference stream – to serve as a contents list

e.      A categorised directory of all IOT vendors and service providers – TK commented that there was some feedback asking for this – Geoff ad Arkady concurred that the issue of whom to go to for information was one of the biggest constraints to anyone wanting to get an IoT implementation off the ground.  CSIRO are active in this area, on a commercial basis.  IoTAA are also compiling a list. Whilst linking to third party lists has its attractions, there are likely to be commercial constraints. TK plan is to integrate the resources directory into the BoK, and accept that it may not be comprehensive.  Care is required to ensure that inclusion in the directory is not seen as a pseudo-endorsement of organizations in the directory.

f.       A well structured conference on all aspects of IOT engineering

g.      A guide to gaining grants for IOT projects

h.      A challenge/competition to create an innovative IOT system

James raised the idea of providing a “how to” guidance to set up an IoT development lab.

Tim raised the possibility of setting up an event at EA venue where working IoT systems could be demonstrated on a “hot to “ basis.  Arkady commented that there are avenues via universities and other groups (eg CSIRO) serving this need – we should not compete or unnecessarily cross over with what others are doing.

Our Wiki should wherever practicable link to existing external resources as opposed to duplicating information.

Arthur emphasised the Applied and Australian focus of the community – to be relevant, we must maintain our locality focus.  There needs to be a balance between drawing on international experience and resources, whilst being aware of activities, constraints and unique aspects of IoT in Australia.

And other interesting suggestions were:

·           a guide to accessing government data ((like weather, power use, traffic vehicles, traffic people, transport stats, etc held under Govt freedom of use for research and everyday consumption)

·          More on emerging tech

3)      Other things discussed:

·         our first face to face meeting   - TK suggests meeting in EA offices in each city, video-conference linked.  To discuss at a later meeting.

·         Revisiting the LinkedIn forum – Still exists and will be used for promotiom

·         Filling roles and getting the operating model to work – Roles filled other than forms facilitator- GS needs to address this

TK to communicate with members on webinar transcription and BOK population exercise .  GS suggested that we need to pick low hanging fruit and focus on content-rich webinars first – James concurred, especially now that BoK content is starting to build - we can now be more selective.







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