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15-Dec-16 Minutes

Geoff Sizer

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Arthur Baoustanos

Adam Charter

Geoff Sizer

Tim Kannegieter

Internal EA Marketing Campaign for IoT Community

ACTION (TK): Tim to write a covering letter/EMAIL to ACS, IET and IEEE.

Carry over to next meeting; GS to do the organizational work between now and the new year, in preparation for a marketing campaign launch in the new year.

Samantha Zdjelar – new EA marketing manager for our sort of activity.

Action (TK): Tim to meet SZ in the new year – maybe others to join by VC.

Plan is to contact the following, to enlist their assistance in promoting the Community.  Along with an offer to assist with formulating proposals for new communities, establishing webinar programs etc.

Refer to minutes of 2-Dec-16 meeting

Webinar Program

Brimbank council going ahead.   Ipswich council will be presenting at this webinar.

First meeting in the new year is 16-Jan-17

Arthur is away for Jan so we need to have the first 4 Jan webinars lined up.

Desire to line up webinars around themes, rather than random choices based on who is available.  Focus on data analytics; defence, national electricity grid

TK spoke to the webinar frequency vs taxonomoy.

ACTION (AB): Work on lining up presentations to fill gaps where we have not had a presentation.

ACTION (TK): we need to vary the formula – panel sessions – “open mike day” – do something different every 4 weeks (eg 14-Feb-16 Panel Sessions; 7-Mar-16 Open Mike Day) - TK will organize these.

ACTION (TK): We need to have periodic face-to-face meetings; this was an objective for 2016 but has not proven practical; objective is to hold quarterly Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec 2017 – national networked meetings held in EA’s video conferencing facility- 2 or 3 hour brainstorming event.  Need a host at leach location.  This can be coordinated with ITEE College Branch programs, through their committees.

ACTION (GS): Put TK in contact with appropriate IoTAA personnel to discuss – will set up a meeting

ACTION (GS): GS is engaging with Frank Ziecher (IoTAA) regarding a joint initiative to prepare a position paper along the lines of “How IoT can facilitate the implementation of a National Electricity Grid”.  Watch this space!

Other hot topics in this area are smart meters (part of the above)

Deadline for input to review is 21-Feb – we need to schedule activity now in order to get something to happen in time. 

Relevant topics:

Smart meters

Climate & weather pattern predictions as an input tactical grid management

Micro-generation and local storage – including electric vehicles

Can we get Alan Finkel to present??

ACTION (All): We need to find more volunteers to assist with Webinar editing – GS will include this in the communication within EA; TK will do as many as practicable over the break, with the objective of clearing the backlog.

ACTION (TK): Analyse attendees list to identify regular webinar attendees who can be invited to participate as core members/webinar editors

Other Activities

ACTION (TK): process mapping and procedural instructions for Society roles; draft newsletter (suggest make it more vibrant – may be limited by the platform capabilities) – to be sent out fortnightly.  Newsletter serves as an attractant to the forums. (Tim is making progress on this; it remains as a WIP action item.  Everything resides in box.com link provided by Tim – to be used for recording upload etc.)

ACTION (JB/AB): Advise forums facilitator of significant changes to BOK/Calendar, for inclusion in the newsletter

ACTION (TK/GS/PG): To work on how we will capture a directory of IoT service providers – we will proceed with this, but being aware that IoTAA are preparing an IoT “who’s who” ontology – a some point we may compare notes.  TK’s work on this is a lower priority than editing webinars into the BOK.

Adam’s contribution to the community: Assist with forums, and engage with mechanical college.  This can form a model for engagement with other cohorts of the engineering community.


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