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Myriota Webinar: Revolutionise your industry with Myriota direct-to-orbit IoT

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Meet Myriota: Revolutionizing your industry with satellite IoT

On June 2nd 2021 at 1:30PM PDT / June 3rd at 6:00AM ACST join me, Myriota’s Steve Winnall, VP of Engineering and Nicole Russo, Director of Product in our Meet Myriota webinar. Discover everything you need to know about Myriota technology!

Hear how Myriota’s direct-to-orbit technology works,

Learn how to connect your device direct-to-satellite and how you can use Myriota’s patented technology to revolutionize your industry,

Hear how developers are creating world-first products on the Myriota Platform.

Key info:

Date and time: 2nd June 1:30PM (PDT) / 3rd June 6:00AM (ACST)

To register: https://bit.ly/3fbIR47 

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