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Minutes 7-Apr-17

Geoff Sizer

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Meeting opened at 12:00 - Geoff, Arkady, Marcelo, Tim

1. Event planning for 16-May-17

First face-to-face meeting.  To be held in the evening EST.  Rooms booked 5:30 to 8:00 EST in EA major offices with VC facilities.  The main speaker should be in an auditorium to accommodate a larger audience at that location.

Purpose of face-to-face is to help build sense of community.

We need a drawcard to boost attendance – a theme and a topic.

TK suggests we have a speaker (20 mins) then a brainstorm held at each location to discuss then present back to the audience.

Consensus is that this is a good way to go.  The key to success will be the topic.

It was observed that there are other groups meeting.

Suggestion – get a number of academics to give 5 min talk on their research, then get groups to discuss.  Other option would be for one academic to talk – but it may be a challenge to get a topic of interest to the audience.

Another possibility would be to get multiple presenters to give a short presentation on their particular area of interest/passion in IoT.  Eg Alan Finkel on energy systems; Alex Zilinsky on defence; Victor Dominello NSW Minister for Finance, Services and Property; Larry Marshall, CEO CSIRO; maybe Dean of a University; ARC President; Universities Australia (university funding body); G8 – ie high profile persons who will attract an audience.

There is a danger that there will be insufficient time to do justice to allowing multiple presentations, but with sufficient time for audience participation from each location.


·         Syd – Geoff

·         Melb – Arthur

·         Bris – James

·         Adel – Marcelo

·         Canb - ??

·         Perth – Walter or his nominee

·         Newcastle – Heath?

·         Darwin - ?

ACTION:  TK to determine official channels to Alan Finkel; if a go-er, he would be first choice; timing and format of the event to be crafted around his agenda. If event is seen to be too small to be worthwhile for AF, we can treat this as the groundwork for a bigger and better event down the track,

ACTION: GS to dredged up names of heads of Govt depts, ministers etc involved – also who’s who in IoTAA

2. ACS is setting up an IoT board (Arkady)

ACS are establishing a number of boards, including one on IoT – addressing capacity, capability, catalyst – led by Ian Opperman NSW Government’s Chief Data Scientist

3. Review Webinar Program

Deferred to next meeting

4. Outstanding action items from previous meetings

Deferred to next meeting

5. Other business

ACTION:  All core members to review list of academics involved in IoT, edit and enhance as appropriate

Meeting closed at 13:00.

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