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Found 2 results

  1. Thinxtra is introducing a new Partnership Program for Smart Councils, and offering it to the first 50 selected councils in Australia. This unique program provides Sigfox network coverage within 4 weeks at no cost to the Council, to bring Internet of Things solutions to the community. Thinxtra is investing $5M into this program which includes free installation, free development kits for incubators and free connectivity for smart council application develop. http://www.thinxtra.com/2016/11/thinxtra-launches-5m-program-to-bring-iot-to-smart-councils/
  2. The UK led Hypercat alliance has launched an Australian branch to help promote the technology standard to support the development of smart cities. The standard aims to enable free communication from any connected IoT sensor or device being used to monitor an environment. The aim is to "inform decision making and improve city services, from air quality and energy usage to traffic flows and asset utilisation". More at http://www.iot.org.au/news-1/
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