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Found 2 results

  1. In this article, Victor Polyakov, Managing Director, Tibbo Systems will keep introducing AggreGate IoT Platform-based products. In 2010, two years after AggreGate Network Manager release, we started AggreGate SCADA/HMI project ‒ fourth-generation SCADA system.\ So what is fourth-generation SCADA? Wikipedia suggests the following definitions: First-generation SCADA are monolithic systems that had been developed before the Internet expansion became widespread. Such systems do not operate anymore. Second-generation SCADA solutions are operating in enterprise local system
  2. Question from 5-Jul Webinar: Could you please specify a few concrete examples of successtul application(s) of the IoT in the Australian Industry? Examples: http://mea.com.au/soil-plants-climate/soil-moisture-monitoring/plexus/plexus-photo-gallery http://www.taggle.com.au/category/case-studies/ http://www.madisontech.com.au/resources/item/wireless-health-status-monitoring-for-mining-construction-vehicles/ There are quite a few examples of IoT applications in the building management and Smart Buildings space – although these can be considered as the evolution of S
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