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Found 15 results

  1. Introduction The concept of IoT Building Management Systems (BMS) as a service is poised to change the building industry. As the price of internet connected sensors comes down, a large number of sensors can be placed in a building to provide multiple data points connected to advanced cloud based analytical systems. This delivers superior BMS performance to traditional engineering approaches. Building owners own their data, while allowing service providers to help them optimise the efficiency and sustainability of their facilities. This approach also facilitates auditing of the actual
  2. Dear all, IEEE Communication Society just published a whitepaper from Anritsu about the NB-IoT. It is entitled "NB-IoT: Characteristics and Considerations for Design and Verification." It can be downloaded from here: https://event.on24.com/wcc/r/1787693/A92FD100BE9027E11FE04351AFF340DB I believe it might be of interest especially for those active on the communications sides of IoT. They don't have a strict sharing policy, so I attach the document here. Kind regards, nbiotwhitepaper1530112129543.pdf
  3. Introduction Smart metering using IoT has the potential to increase efficient use of utilities and identify and resolve issues in supply infrastructure in the utility industry. One definition of smart metering is the collection of metering data on utility (electricity, water, gas) use, and the systems and processes that derive value from the data. It also enables two-way communications from the meter to utility providers and users, and involves intelligence and processing within the meter that differentiates it from simple automated meter-reading systems that send a reading at specified i
  4. World's first NB-IoT based Smart Street Lighting system enabled in the Greek city of Patras serves as a shining example of the infinite potential the Internet of Things can bring to urban areas, as well as the additional benefits of the innovative NB-IoT technology for smart city applications. Deutsche Telekom Group’s subsidiary in Greece, COSMOTE has implemented a Smart City pilot based on Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) technology in cooperation with the municipality of Patras. The joint project will offer the citizens and visitors of Patras smart parking and smart lighting solut
  5. Australian smart water meter company WaterGroup has signed a five-year partnership with IoT network operator Thinxtra to use IoT to enable large water users to detect water leaks. Full press release: https://www.thinxtra.com/2017/07/watergroup-joins-forces-with-thinxtra/
  6. Good article with a point-by-point LoRa vs NB-IoT analysis, read it and try to find which of these LPWAN protocols has more to offer: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/lora-vs-nb-iot-hussain-fakhruddin
  7. The cellular carriers have been touting two standards for low power wide area networks. LTE-M has higher data rates, consumes more power and is in the middle of rollouts in Europe and the U.S. NB-IoT has a smaller payload and is reportedly cheaper. The idea is that instead of using a technology such as Sigfox or LoRA, a device manufacturer needing a cheaper low power network option would stick with cellular. The reality is proving to be different. Both articles have European operators discussing some of the challenges associated with the cellular LPWAN tech so far. Price, security and interope
  8. Discovery Ag and National Narrowband Network Co (NNNCo) have launched a joint venture, Connected Country, designed to provide LoRaWAN for rural areas and announced at last week’s Australian Farm Institute’s Harvesting the Benefits of Digital Agriculture conference in Melbourne. Until now, the widespread use of sensors has been constrained by the cost of transmitting data over existing networks — and the fact significant areas of agricultural land did not have adequate network coverage. https://www.nnnco.com.au/news/commsday-nnnco-forms-jv-discovery-ag-new-nationwide-agriculture-iot-n
  9. A new low power long range wide area network is now based in ULTIMO, Sydney. Apparently, it is based on Amsterdam's The Things Network. Here is more information: http://www.businessinsider.com.au/the-internet-of-things-has-just-gone-green-2016-7
  10. The 3rd Generation Partnership Project responsible for developing 5G mobile broadband standards and the associated NB-IOT technology have announced its Release 13 with Release 14 due June 2017. A presentation provides updates on what these will provide in terms of LPWAN features. See http://www.3gpp.org/news-events/3gpp-news/1805-iot_r14
  11. Tim Kannegieter


    Ingenu is a LPWAN system using Random Phase Multiple Access (RPMA) technology. http://www.ingenu.com/ It has been reported that Ingenu networks are provided in Australia by IOTOz
  12. Tim Kannegieter


    NNNCo provides LPWAN Network services in Australia using the LoRaWan protocol. https://www.nnnco.com.au/
  13. Tim Kannegieter


    LoRaWAN is an open global standard for low power WAN connectivity. LoRa is a registered trademark of Semtech corporation, which is a chip company using chirp spread spectrum modulation. LoRa is the term used to describe the physical layout and LoRaWAN is the name given to the MAC layer protocol. LoRA operates in unlicensed spectrum. The exact frequencies vary by region, and the channel plan standard for Australia was released in 2016 by the LoRa Alliance following the release of standards for the EU, USA, and China. One of the more unique features of LoRa is that it can adjust the
  14. Tim Kannegieter


    Sigfox is a French company with a global LPWAN roll out. In Australia, Sigfox is being rolled out by Thinxtra. https://www.sigfox.com/
  15. Tim Kannegieter


    A provider of LPWAN technology. The technology has been developed in Australia by a company of the same name. http://www.taggle.com.au/
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