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Found 3 results

  1. Casino hacked via a thermometer in a lobby aquarium – what a nice story. Sad, there is no technical details in the article. http://www.businessinsider.de/hackers-stole-a-casinos-database-through-a-thermometer-in-the-lobby-fish-tank-2018-4?r=UK&IR=T
  2. until
    Come up to level 11. You don't need a swipe card Cloud Computing has helped create new architectural patterns and technologies, but the cloud time machine has not yet been invented. That's why, as an IT leader, it would be helpful to know the gotchas and enablers to keep in mind before heading too far down your cloud journey. In this session we'll introduce you to Google Cloud and what it has to offer. We'll cover everything from infrastructure to data, from collaboration to machine learning. Topics covered: • Learn about Google Cloud Basics. • Learn what makes Google Cloud
  3. Tim Kannegieter


    Introduction: The current approach to managing data collected from IoT devices is to sense/observe the data, move it into the cloud, process and analyze it there, visualize it for decision making purposes, then either store or discard it partially/completely. This approach is generally accepted for smaller applications of IoT, where the amount of data being generated is small and generally predictable. In addition to providing processing power and storage space on virtual servers, cloud providers offer value added services where front end protocol support is provided, so you are not
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