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Found 1 result

  1. The equipment to operate the lift mechanism is typically located in a plant room. This can be equipped with monitoring facilities so that we can gather data and relay that back to a central location for monitoring the operation of the equipment’s general health, energy consumption, etc. Moving across to the elevator cars, we can record statistics of car usage from people pressing buttons going to particular floors, sense the presence of people in the elevator cars with passive infrared sensing, and of course monitor alarms. This information can typically be collected via a wireless local area network, which allows data from the moving cars and from the static elements of the system to be gathered, then communicated via a gateway to a wide area network, which is ostensibly the internet, to a server center. The data relating to the health of the equipment, and the system, and the operation can be relayed to a service center to deal with any issues. Information can of course also be accumulated in the database on a cloud-based server, and we can apply to this data analytics, for example, to work out how efficiently the system's running. In addition, the system can track service technicians in the field. E.g. we can determine the presence of a service technician onsite and monitor their health and well-being.
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