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  1. Congratulations to the group on a great conversation starter.

    If we look at the evolution of of the automated vehicle (say using US based NHTSA system of 1 to 4) and their application in different environments it is possible that the choices do not need to be mutually exclusive. For example a level 1 vehicle with Auto Emergency Braking, Adaptive Cruise Control and Electronic Stability Control would appear to be great fit for our roads and driving conditions for now. Similarly there are certain cities elsewhere in the world where traffic congestion and driving conditions are such that a level 4 vehicle (fully automated) may actually improve quality of life for numerous people. On the subject of quality of life what does it do for people with limited mobility?

    The point of the above is steady progress is possible without the moral quandary if the context is suitable and the assessed benefits outweigh the risks. Since we are about IoT it will be great to get some views on Connected Vehicles as well which complement Automated Vehicles and will be a determining factor in applications such as public transportation.    

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