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  1. I suppose this article might be interesting for this IoT community. It dwells upon major smart devices that have been invented and brought to life recently. For example, well-known device Cardiomo that allows monitoring heart and breath rate due to a small patch, or the one that has just appeared on Kickstarter - SolarGaps, smart window blinds able to accumulate solar energy and even save it to sell to your electricity provider. The one that is the craziest (to my mind) is Luciding, a way to lucid dreams. You have to wear it and during REM stage it'll "wake up" your brain to make your spleeping conscious I don't know why people need it, but it's fun how science is developing and what opportunities it brings. Here is the very article: https://qubit-labs.com/striking-iot-smart-devices-made-ukraine/
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