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  1. One aspect of a patent strategy is a foreign patent filing strategy. But were should patent applications be filed? Two selection criteria are a market's size and rate of growth. Germany, for example plans to put more digital solutions in their factories than the US does. Apparently: It would appear that a European patent application (which covers Germany) or a German national patent application would be a good idea for IoT solutions for predictive maintenance, autonomous robots and assistance systems. Other ideas for a foreign patent filing strategy include:
  2. Hi Andrew, You said: I agree that "merely" connecting a fridge to a stove is not very inventive. The creative challenge for IoT engineering: There are many yet to be invented ways in which the fridge and the stove are synergistically connected, in ways that is only possible with IoT technologies (i.e. not simply control from a distance etc). Some of these may add real value and consequently commercial opportunities. Justin
  3. Hi Andrew, You and Geoff raise important points about successful IoT enterprises. Because this is an engineering and not a IOT business forum, my response is brief. I agree it is necessary: to understand the application and the underlying IoT technology have access to multidisciplinary skills, including engineering and design to focus on sales and marketing have a route to manufacture have a route to market involve capital partners if necessary The following may also be needed: a great business plan supported by a network of business
  4. until

    Will the webinars be recorded and made available for later viewing?
  5. There are three things Rising IoT companies need to know: what technologies their competitors are developing, who might be a friendly acquirer (Google and Apple are frequent acquirers, for example), and potential litigation risks. A patent analysis can answer these questions, and inform patent strategy. For example, developers of Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology may benefit from knowing that: there are over 1000 patents filed and granted for this central IoT technology, Broadcom is the largest holder of BLE patents, and Broadcom has not been
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