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  1. Is there much value in measuring water parameters other than flow with a single smart meter device, e.g. pressure, temperature, pH?

    Answer transcribed from webinar response by Rian Sullings (WaterGroup P/L):

    There is value in doing that. Pressure, especially, can be used for gaining insights into network operation. I'm not sure if you'd wire a pressure sensor in every single smart meter across the city, but certainly using smart meters as a vessel to include other sensors to distribute around a network. Maybe every tenth house or so, it might make sense to include pressure to gain operational insights for the network. Also temperature and pH, these sorts of values are very useful in terms of the water quality, making sure that there's no issues with the water as it moves around the pipe network.

    Temperature is very commonly included in smart metering devices where the electronics and communications are embedded or integrated into the body of the meter itself, temperature sensors being quite simple and cheap and easy to include. pH, on the other hand, the sensors tend to cost a little bit more and be a little bit more complex. I've not seen yet a pH sensor included in a smart metering device.

    Further information on this question can be found in the South East Water case study on this wiki.

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