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  1. Hi All, Some of you may be interested in the below webinar! While it will probably be live at a ridiculous hour, a recording is usually made available afterwards. https://pages.questexweb.com/Qualcomm-Registration-20160726.html?source=listing?utm_medium=nl&utm_source=internal&mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTlRFME1qY3pNV0l6WmpKaiIsInQiOiJmMm5IWE85S3JqTVJiQzlTM2tMTEVHdUZaeXFJXC9XU08xWXMyKzVnNVZFV0dpcklrMFZsUGZ3bUtWVXYrcVRGXC9rSDg4dUFpUmdoYlRvcXRJOVJhaGhuWkQ5azVrZmE1Zlpxb3A1V25VMmpBPSJ9 Regards, Elias
  2. Hi All, I thought the below article would be a good conversation starter! A few thoughts spring to mind including, can it be designed better to prevent the situation entirely? Driverless Cars: Who Gets Protected? Regards, Elias
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