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  1. Great share Matthew, I think this will be a big challenge for anyone who builds products for the IoT.
  2. Thanks Jon! I am jealous seeing these young students learning all about how to 3d print and build these types of devices. Very cool and wish i had the opportunities when i was as school.
  3. Hi All, just joined up for the community and I am keen to see this community grow. I think the IoT is becoming easier and more accessible as technologies become more modular paired with learning platforms becoming easy to access for up-skilling. I have taught myself to develop mobile applications by building on my engineering knowledge though udemy courses. The area that I still don't have enough knowledge about is how to build a device and get the data to the cloud. This large amount of multi-disciplinary requirements is going to be a large barrier to entry and to success for many people and companies. In the short term, what would be a good place to start to learn how to get data from a Thing to a cloud? In the webinar it was talked about the Things (The items that will detect the data from the source) - could this also include image processing that allows data to be gathered from images? This would be difficult due to the coding and processing required, however this would take advantage of the thing we all carry! The other part I think will be interesting to develop is augmented reality as a user interface for managing assets.
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