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  1. until
    Entry is freee but registration required. More details at: https://www.electronex.com.au/
  2. Visit to learn how companies are incorporating Industry 4.0 technology to develop smart, connected products, and improve their manufacturing and servicing processes. LEAP's stand will be showcasing advances in IoT and Augmented Reality (AR) experiences with demonstrations on the new Microsoft Hololens.
  3. until
    Learn the latest developments on Privacy & Consent, Customer Experience and the IoT. Hear the HSBC Case Study: Customer Identity Management – Democratised and Commoditised Watch the Alexa Demo featuring biometrics thought leaders Daon Interact with the panelists as they discuss the Evolving Role of Privacy in Digital Transformation Network with other business leaders and digital identity experts across this fast moving industry These global summit series bring together visionary analysts, executives, technical experts, thought leaders and other identity professi
  4. IDC recently conducted a research asking: Is Big Data losing steam or is Australia yet to taste success? They found that capabilities to analyse data not keeping pace with the rate at which data is created. Here is a link to the full media release:http://www.idc.com/getdoc.jsp?containerId=prAP42238817
  5. Concise summary of how the decision making process has evolved to rely on data analytics and how the IoT is becoming a major contributor to what is now coined as Advanced Data Analytics. The focus has shifted from statistical and mathematical analysis methods for decision making to very large, unstructured and fast-moving data. These characteristics of Advanced Data Analytics are summarised as the 5 V's: Volume - Variety - Veracity - Velocity - Value. Another major contributor to this shift is the convergence of Operational Technology (OT) with Information Technology (IT). Machines, equip
  6. View the recording: This webinar has passed. Members of Engineers Australia can view the recording free on MyPortal. Simply logon and navigate to Technologies > Communication. Title: Low Power Wide Area Networks – the missing piece in IoT Presenter: Justin Spangaro, Founder and CEO Airlora Communications What you'll learn: What are Low Power Wide Area Networks, what is different about them and what problems do they solve? An understanding of the technical trends driving the emergence of Low Power Wide Area Networks Brief technical overview of one LPW
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