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  1. https://www.acs.org.au/branches/canberra/2016-conference/keynote-speakers Topic: Security and Privacy in Social Media Networks This seminar will focus on some of the recent developments in the area of international standardization in the multimedia context, with special focus on JPEG and MPEG technologies. In the actual use of multimedia technologies, there are many contexts that require the processing of the media to be private. Examples of this are: 1. searching an encrypted audio visual database with an encrypted query, 2. identify a spoken keyword in a private conversation, e.g. encrypted audio, 3. removal of identification clues from media such as metadata, audio or speech, archival information and 4. sharing multimedia content in a limited context, e.g. making a picture available to a limited list of persons, or for a limited time. ISO/IEC has been developing successful standards that process image, audio and video information based on its significant expertise in this domain. Now there is an effort to identify application domains and to extract requirements to achieve both application of existing standards, and use of its expertise to develop new standards, supporting the private processing and sharing of media. Multimedia content shared by many people is without any protection of personal information. In recent years, social networks and cloud computing have accelerated the sharing of such content online. In addition, many portable devices have communication functions that allow for the immediate distribution of multimedia content after capture. In combination with, for example, the potentially included GPS information in the file format, the multimedia content might expose privacy information to the world. In order to avoid such undesirable situations, encryption methodologies should - entirely and partially - protect image and metadata present in such content.
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