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  1. Hi All, A colleague and I have produced a paper for an International Conference next year. We work in the power engineering domain and the control thereof and see the IoT as a key to the future of this practice. Regards Ian Boake Boake Rijgersberg A proposal for real-time monitoring and control of the reticulation grid with photo-voltaics electrical vehicles and batteries em_fin.pdf
  2. In terms of customer (the general public in this case) engagement, I found a nice handbook from the Electricity Networks Association (ENA) which may offer some useful insights customer_engagement_handbook_july_2016 (1).pdf
  3. It is necessary that all that data that the IoT will produce which will have a direct correlation with radio wave radiation be within the Exposure Limits for General Public as specified by the relevant ARPANSA Radiation Protection Standards. The work that has been performed, to date, on Smart Meters provides some useful insights. The frequencies used for the data carriers will also need careful consideration with lower frequencies, having longer ranges resulting in greater penetration characteristics as compared to traditional Wifi and some LoRa frequencies. It is probably best to preempt the general public from opposing this technology due to a lack of a regulatory framework and lack of education of the general public in this field? http://www.smartmeters.vic.gov.au/about-smart-meters/reports-and-consultations/ami-meter-em-field-survey-report Table 1 is credited to the above source.
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