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  1. I couldn't see another post on this. There is an online conference on IoT technologies running 8 - 9 December 2020. More details here: https://www.iotonlineconference.com/ I suggest you look at the events that they are running and decide if this could help you.
  2. Not a question. For reference, we also use JIRA for issue tracking and development. And Atlassian Confluence to control all our project documentation. Also we use Altium for pcb design.
  3. What collaboration tools are you looking at? And what project management tools are Genesys considering?
  4. You used the Atamo board for development. Did you use this for the final product? Or did you develop your own design? If so, why? Answer transcribed from webinar response by Rian Sullings (WaterGroup P/L): We did use the Atamo development board for the prototype, but not for a final product. The Atamo development board is based on Arduino. It has the Atmega microcontroller. What we've ended up using for a final product is the arm.com. They are more power efficient and stable. They do everything that we need them to do. They've got that little bit extra processing power that can future proof things and also enable a bit more of the calculation in the device. Did we develop our own design? We've partnered with electronic designers from other parts of the world. For us to design a solution in Australia, and have it make business sense, we would have to be distributing it in other parts of the world as well. It makes sense in the short-term for us to do it other way around and partner with those who are in much larger markets than the Australian market, such as the European market, and simply work with them to bring over technology to Australia. However, in doing that, we've had to work with them on improving their designs or adapting them to suit Australia. Obviously, the weather conditions here are significantly different to those in Europe, and in many cases we want more detail of data available than a lot of what's on the European market simply because water is a higher priority in Australia than a lot of European markets. It's not just smart metering for the purpose of getting a meter reading and sending a water bill. It's more required for that network operation, understanding and delivering more detail of data.
  5. As discussed in the IoT webinar on 8 November 2016: Internet of Things Meet Up details can be found on their website at http://www.meetup.com/en-AU/Internet-of-Things-Sydney/ Next event is 1 December.
  6. Could we add the topic of security to our list of potential Webinar subjects please. IoT devices are often remotely located, sending back data of potential importance to the end user. There may be concerns that this data could be either lost or intercepted. Or that someone might attempt to hack into an IoT device. E.g. a device that monitors a car parking space might be ready to raise the alarm that you have been parked too long. Who wouldn't want an App to override this? What is recommended good practice to ensure secure and robust communications. At the event last Thursday (8th September) at Chatswood on "IoT Deployment in Australia" one of the questions was on security. Unfortunately, not the speakers area of expertise. Best regards Steve Lewis
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