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  1. I am personally sceptical about the prospects of driverless cars gaining acceptance for widespread use, at least in the short to medium term.  I would certainly be uncomfortable about committing my life to one as a passenger, and pale at the thought of having driverless cars around me on the road.

    Apart from decision-making when faced with irreconcilable conflicts, what about the competence and ethics of the programmers responsible for implementing such choices?  Recent experiences with the VW emissions scandal and uncontrolled acceleration in Toyotas gives one little cause for comfort.

    Perhaps we should step back and follow the path of driver augmentation systems which are emerging, and see how they pan out before taking humans out of the decision-making loop.

  2. Hi Andrew, the topic you raise is spot on, and is a core item I will address in my webinar on 5th July.

    The IoT when considered top-to-bottom - ie from the Cloud down to deloyed Things - encompasses just about every facet of ICT, software engineering and and electronics engineering.  There are at least a dozen technology elements, each of which has a steep learing curve.  And add to that the required knowledge of the system where IoT is to be applied.

    That said, many aspects of IoT technology are not new - just used in and integrated manner, often by engineers who are expert in the field where they wish to use IoT, but not in the actual IoT technologies themselves.

    One of the primary drivers for forming this community was the need to provide a means for those involved in IoT - both technology providers and technology adopters - to come together to help build critical mass.

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