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  1. I have customers queueing up to get Things onto NB1 - anxiously awaiting availability of cost-effective data plan SIMs, and Telstra-certified Cat NB1 modules.

    It is fiendishly difficult getting reliable information on this.

    Does anyone have any insights they can share?

  2. To answer Steve's question on project management tools.  We have assessed and just committed to a 24 month license for http://cammsproject.com/,for integrated project management across the company, with an integrated timesheet system which they are modifying to tuit our needs (for a fee).  It provides some collaboration facilities.  I will let the community know how it goes down the track.

    On JIRA, we use it is a number of ways.  I would commend it to others - especially good as it it Australian-developed, wo we can support local industry.

    For software development, we have an inward-facing setup on our server for the developers ot track iissues and bugs.

    For software support, we have an outward-looking cloud based setup for each project, whicht he customer can access.

    We also use Jirafor ittue tracking for our ISO 13485 (medical) Quality Management System (like ISO9001 on sterouids).  This has a customised work flow to magane issue trackingiun accrodance with ISO13485, including steps for risk managemt. We use this JIRA setup for Corrective and preventative Action management.

    The same work flowcan be used generally by omitting the medical product specific steps.

    We use Subversion for software configuration control, on the basis that it is the "least worst"  - have looked at more modern systems but nothing much out there impresses.

    IMO best tool for all of these things is a sharp human brain.  Without this, the tools generallty make things worse than doing nothing!




  3. In attendance: Arkady, Arthur, Geoff, Peter, Tim

    1.       Trial of Webcast Arrangement

    Arthur as organizer (with Peter) – able to successfully connect to a big screen

    Geoff as presenter, Tim as audience member, Akady as audience member

    Some fine tuning to do

    2.       Webinar Program - 2017

    Unfilled slot 24-Oct – too late to do anything

    7-Nov - Melb Cup day so do 14-Nov instead

    14-Nov – Geoff

    21-Nov  or 28-Nov – Dan Hunter

    12-Dec - Steve

    3.       Webinar Program - 2018

    We will concentrate on 2018, and ensure that we have a robust process in place to fill the pipeline moving forwards.

    Process to date has been ad-hoc rather than structured; we have been using referrals via our networks.

    We can bring more structure by focussing on topic areas, then seeking speakers on topics rather than slotting in what comes along.

    TK does not think we are approaching the point of having picked the low-hanging fruit; ideally Tim would have staff support to facilitate the process.

    Core Member’s role should be as “theme leaders”, but not spending their time on the handle-cranking and logistics – desirably the task of finding speakers on particular topics would be delegated to a support resource.

    Arkady – try and create an environment where speakers are lining up to present, rather than us having to chase them – maybe some form of reward for speakers?  Eg credits for CPEng?  Credentials and prestige?

    Arthur – being EA in itself is a drawcard.

    Geoff – our track record, number of members, BOK in the form of Webinar recordings have or is reaching a threshold where we have substantial credibility and can do some chest beating

    Tim – Arkady is spot on – we will not get there overnight – we should focus intently in getting there.  Best practice for community – typically takes 3 years for community to become self-sustaining.  We have certainly crossed the “credibility threshold” and can now embark on a marketing campaign.

    Tim will also engage with vendors and academics to increase level of engagement.

    Arkady suggested going to the community audience to invite speakers who may wish to present.  It is a year since we last did this.  As an idea, invite presenters to seek expert opinion on their ideas.

    4.       Partnering with Others

    IoTAA, organisations such as Data61 – promote each other’s programs etc.

    5.       Ideas from Tim

    • Use our database more: i.e. I have an excel spreadsheet of contacts. Publish calendar of vacant slots and ask them to speak. i.e. more bulk emails, less one on one chasing.
    • Develop partnerships: i.e. with other organisations, have a joint program and ask each organisation to be responsible for filling slots.... We already have contacts with IEEE, IET, ACS and is free for members so we should drive those first and then develop other agreements as necessary.
    • Utilise membership: Invite members to speak. Will be a low response rate. But may be able to innovate the format e.g. Present your IoT idea for free advice from our experts... Might need to try successive formats.
    • Admin: Re the admin/email hastle, we would ideally have staff doing this . Communities have been included as a potentially key part of a membership growth strategy being discussed by EA but I have not visibility if this will be approved or tranlate into more resources in my area. So in the short term the only via way of addressing this is to have more volunteers spreading the workload. We should discuss next meeting how to pursue this.
  4. Attendees: Tim, Arkady, Geoff

    Apoligies: Arthur, Peter

    1.       General Discussion

    Arkady reported from his trip that there is a big head of steam building for IoT in Europe.

    GS advised of a report on Everything IoT conference on ABC news 11-Oct-17 – including a brief comment from Frank Zeichner.

    GS advised on problems experienced by organisations seeking end-to-end solutions in finding a complete solution provider.

    2.       Background

    TK is launching two new communities -  Risk Engineering BOK in the new year; and Energy Engineering (supported by electrical College) with a possible fourth – STEM – so TK’s ability to support IoT Community will ramp down – in particular the driving of the agenda – from Feb 2017 onwards.

    3.        Webinar Recording

    EA members can access video recordings on My Portal, and non EA members can purchase access.  Videos are up on YouTube. Tim edits each video (about 3 hours work) and puts up within 24 hours.  This role by Tim will persist into the future.

    EA benefits by building a BOK and CPD collateral; and the community benefits through having the webinar recordings available to its members.

    The Webinar editing arrangement is working well.

    In due course the current solution may be replaced by an EA-wide enterprise solution for webinars.

    4.       Marketing

    Now that the community is maturing and the webinar support system in place, Tim will move within EA to internal marketing and support.

    Why is EA not running conferences in the space?  Opportunity with new person in place (located in EA office in Sydney) to adopt a more strategic view of conferences within EA.  GS to establish linkage between Tim and Graham Town who is ITEEC Board member with conference portfolio from ITEEC perspective.

    Now we have something of substance to show, in particular via the portal, we can start to promote the community and gain synergistic benefits.

    Arkady identified Stuart Corner as active in running IoT blog, and having useful contacts in the industry and the media.

    Tim sees the main objective is providing greater visibility of the community.

    5.       Governance

    Tim is proposing that ownership of the IoT Community needs to transfer to the ITEE College, now that the pilot has proven successful and the online community model has been proven.

    Energy and Risk Engineering communities are being established based on a model whereby each community is supported by a unit of EA.  Ideally, a similar relationship will be established with ITEE College.

    College Board can establish a subcommittee with responsibility for the community.

    The community needs to become a part of EA’s main stream, so as to maintain relevance.

    6.       Course Accreditation

    Universities are establishing IoT courses – EA has a course accreditation role, and logically will put in place measures for course accreditation.

    GS is participating in IoT Alliance activity in relation to education, and engagement with EA in this process.  EA’s domain is the University and course accreditation area.

    EA and ACS currently jointly accredit software engineering courses, and IoT would be a natural complement to this.

    7.       Webinar Program

    To be a main topic of the next Core Members meeting


  5. 1. Meeting commenced at 12:00

    Tim, Peter, Ramon Geoff; Arthur tendered his apologies

    2. Roles and Responsibilities

    Tim has reached agreement with journalist Nadine Trannenberg to transcribe Webinars to Wiki for a fixed price of $150 per transcription and has obtained budget from EA for doing this for the next year.

    Peter has agreed to take up the role of BOK manager to preform quality control, based on the transcriptions from NT and comments from the author.  This involves direct transfer of information into the Wiki.

    3. Review of Webinar Program

    We have 6 or 7 webinars queued in the pipeline which is a good achievement thanks mainly to Arthur and Tim.

    Chief defence scientist Alex Zelinsky is our highest profile presenter to date and should attract a good audience. 

    Will be a webinar; we will look at a face-to-face later.

    Evening face-to-face – maybe a case study evening – one from each Syd, Melb, Brisbane  - maybe to all Branches if they can identify participants– supplementary to Branch programs

    ACTION: Tim to set a date, maybe late August; follow up next meeting

    4. Collaboration with IoTAA

    Cooperation may include:

    • Listing each other’s events on our event calendars
    • Promoting each other’s events
    • Holding joint events

    ACTION: GS to EMAIL TK a summary of what we might propose for TK to promulgate for approval within EA

    5. Collaboration with IoT Summit


    As for  item 4 above.

    6. Other Items

    ACTIONS: At next webinar – organizer to  encourage community members to:

    customise their settings for notifications etc

    call for registration of case studies for face-to-face events



  6. Attendees: Arthur, Peter, Ramon, Tim, Geoff

    1. Welcome to new Core Members

    Peter and Ramon each gave a brief overview of their background and their interest in IoT

    2. Roles and responsibilities

    The community roles & work flow spreadsheet was discussed, led by Tim.

    Tim has reached agreement with journalist to transcribe Webinars to Wiki for a fixed price of $150 per transcription and is seeking budget from EA for next year.

    Peter has volunteered to transcribe the 20-Jun Webinar.

    3. Review of Webinar program

    Webinar presentations locked in up to and including 15th August, so we have some breathing space.

    Arthur’s strategy to arrange presenters has been based mainly on making requests of people in the space that he comes across.  Personal networks, member suggestions and research on new & relevant topics.

    Presenters and their topics are selected and scheduled to strike a balance between technical topics, general interest case studies etc.

    Power systems case study drew nearly 200 attendees. More typical number is 100 attendees.

    Tim wants to capitalise on the IoT legal issues webinar presented Tue 20-Jun, has transcription prepares and will pursue via the community site.

    Geoff has access to another presenter in this space.  Geoffcould present on a practical approach to structuring engineering contract activities to minimise risk,  record information etc.

    Arthur recommended that now we have breathing space, we can take a more strategic view of the program moving forwards.    

    4. Security Initiative

    Only one comment received, so the newsletter calling for comment has not been effective.

    The mechanism of stimulating communications via the community platform forum appears to not be effective; we need to explore alternatives to stimulate community member interactions.

    5. Transition to EA IT Hosted Community Platform

    Approval in principle received to migrate the community to the new platform; in the IT dept queue.  This will include back-end integration with other EA systems, and potential for providing facilities such as CPD certificate issuance.

    Preference is for IoT community to migrate to the new platform once it is proven and stable.

    6.  Wiki

    Tim presented an overview of his vision for the Wiki and how to populate it with high-value content.

    A sensible strategy is to  link the filling in of gaps in the Wiki to initiatives to seek presenters to give content-rich presentations on the relevant topics where content is required.

    7.      Interaction with IoTAA and Other Groups

    Objective is for our calendar to be as comprehensive as practicable in terms of “quality” IoT events, without becoming overly cluttered with minutiae.

    We can include IoTAA events in our calendar – they are building a head of steam and are holding events etc.

    Meeting closed at 13:30



  7. Attendees AB TK JB GS

    1. Event planning for face-to-face meeting

    EA are reluctant to approach Alan Finkel, as they wish to reserve him for bigger EA events.

    It was agreed that Alex Zelinsky would be a suitable presenter – we will approach him through GS.  We need to secure him before setting the event date (was 16 May but this is likely to change).

    ACTION: GS to action this coming weekend.

    2. Review Webinar Program

    Meeting scheduled for 9-May Renewable Energy Case study.  Arkady to host; AB is available as backup; GS can be wingman.

    Following meeting 23-May.  Nothing locked in so we may need to take proactive action to secure a speaker.

    GS will review the forward program and aim to make suggestions on possible speakers.

    Possibility of Tzukuri to present a case study for an IoT Startup.  It would be best to hold off on this as 9-May will be a case study.   Maybe a face-to-face panel session with several startups presenting then engaging in a panel discussion.  Perhaps presenters in several cities?

    Numbers attending webinars indicate that the audience are after technically oriented “how to” topics and core engineering case studies. 

    A presentation on security threats – viruses, worms etc – may be of interest.  Maybe someone from an antivirus supplier, to present on emerging threats.  Dr Jan Newmarch – Adjunct Professor Uni of Canberra

    ACTION: AB to follow up for ASAP

    For a date a couple on moths in the future – undergraduates event leveraging EA’s database.

    ACTION: re  Claude Dulik piip.org.au – Arkady to put him in touch with Tim

    3. Outstanding action items from previous meetings

    Facebook Live event hosted through EA channels – Christopher Davis – EA Social Media manager will host.  We need to put together a speaker or a panel.  Boyd Murray, Simon Blythe, Andrew Foster-Knight, Catherine Caruna-McMannus, Frank Zeichner.  Maybe GS to host.  TK to schedule & organize the event and we will work around it.

    Community membership consistency creeping up at around 10 members/month.  This is a healthy trend, and is likely a result of EA’s marketing reach.  Webinars are an easy way of accruing CPD.

    Uncaptioned from last meeting:

    ACTION: GS to dredged up names of heads of Govt depts, ministers etc involved – also who’s who in IoTAA

    ACTION:  GS to proactively engage with prospective volunteers to participate as core members, with a view to getting the community to a point where it becomes self-sustaining

    TK will be able to spend less time on the community in the future, so greater responsibility will divest to community members.  In particular securing speakers on a regular basis, in advance to allow proper scheduling; and new event types, particularly face-to-face.

    4. Other business

    “Edit Status” and “Editor” columns added to Webinar program spreadsheet.  TK is working to get Webinar transcriptions on the Web site and building the Wiki.  TK is uncertain as to whether this process is sustainable, due to the work required to do the editing and deconstructing into the Wiki.  Volunteers can contribute to editing for technical accuracy, but it is too big a burden doing the conversion from spoken to third party.  TK to forward a first-pass edited webinar to GS to assess feasibility of volunteer input for technical editing.

    Continuity of resources within EA remains a challenge. 

    EA moving to an enterprise platform for Webinars, and also a social media platform for community. 

    ITEE IoT event hosted in Melb EA facility in evening of  Mon 8-May - AB unsure as to the cause of lack of communications with our community.  AB to approach to see if we can present the event as a webinar through the community.


  8. Meeting opened at 12:00 - Geoff, Arkady, Marcelo, Tim

    1. Event planning for 16-May-17

    First face-to-face meeting.  To be held in the evening EST.  Rooms booked 5:30 to 8:00 EST in EA major offices with VC facilities.  The main speaker should be in an auditorium to accommodate a larger audience at that location.

    Purpose of face-to-face is to help build sense of community.

    We need a drawcard to boost attendance – a theme and a topic.

    TK suggests we have a speaker (20 mins) then a brainstorm held at each location to discuss then present back to the audience.

    Consensus is that this is a good way to go.  The key to success will be the topic.

    It was observed that there are other groups meeting.

    Suggestion – get a number of academics to give 5 min talk on their research, then get groups to discuss.  Other option would be for one academic to talk – but it may be a challenge to get a topic of interest to the audience.

    Another possibility would be to get multiple presenters to give a short presentation on their particular area of interest/passion in IoT.  Eg Alan Finkel on energy systems; Alex Zilinsky on defence; Victor Dominello NSW Minister for Finance, Services and Property; Larry Marshall, CEO CSIRO; maybe Dean of a University; ARC President; Universities Australia (university funding body); G8 – ie high profile persons who will attract an audience.

    There is a danger that there will be insufficient time to do justice to allowing multiple presentations, but with sufficient time for audience participation from each location.


    ·         Syd – Geoff

    ·         Melb – Arthur

    ·         Bris – James

    ·         Adel – Marcelo

    ·         Canb - ??

    ·         Perth – Walter or his nominee

    ·         Newcastle – Heath?

    ·         Darwin - ?

    ACTION:  TK to determine official channels to Alan Finkel; if a go-er, he would be first choice; timing and format of the event to be crafted around his agenda. If event is seen to be too small to be worthwhile for AF, we can treat this as the groundwork for a bigger and better event down the track,

    ACTION: GS to dredged up names of heads of Govt depts, ministers etc involved – also who’s who in IoTAA

    2. ACS is setting up an IoT board (Arkady)

    ACS are establishing a number of boards, including one on IoT – addressing capacity, capability, catalyst – led by Ian Opperman NSW Government’s Chief Data Scientist

    3. Review Webinar Program

    Deferred to next meeting

    4. Outstanding action items from previous meetings

    Deferred to next meeting

    5. Other business

    ACTION:  All core members to review list of academics involved in IoT, edit and enhance as appropriate

    Meeting closed at 13:00.

  9. Attendees: Geoff Arthur, Arkady, Tim

    1.      Webinar Program

    With the forward looking program in place for the next month, we can adopt a more strategic view moving forwards.

    1.1  Review program for topic balance

    Arkady who is less close to the organizational front and can take a more objective view than AB or GS commented that his view is that the balance is quite good so far – in terms of topic coverage and general interest vs detailed technical topics. 

    AZ suggested that we should aim to have presentations on  “best practice” in areas such as smart cities etc.

    ACTON (AB): We should strive to schedule a mix of case studies, vendor technology presentations and technical topics, with Open Mic and IoT Deep Dive sessions.

    1.2  Assess effectiveness of recent EMAIL request

    EMAILing to a long list of people active in the field was fruitful – but we need to be careful to avoid too many commercial agendas in our webinars

    We need catch titles for presentations – and adequate advance notice to vet presentations for excessive commercial focus.

    We need to break up vendor presentations with case studies, technical & informative topics.  See item at bottom.

    1.3  Discuss effectiveness of Open Mic – and how we can best use the format

    See below

    2. BoK

    2.1 Gap analysis and how to close the gaps

    TK has an action item in place to streamline the process of transcribing webinars into third party form before we proceed with BoK population

    Lightweight Areas:

    Chapter 1: Technologies

    Data Analytics


    Sensors – a webinar on generic sensor technology would be good – maybe a “guided open mic” session?

    Energy Management and Energy Sources – maybe a “guided open mic” session?

    It was agreed that the concept of “IoT Deep Dive” was conceptually a good one – but not to rely on audience questions – the host of the session leads it by asking “Dorothy Dixers” (circa 10) to keep things moving – getting the audience to a level where they start to know what they don’t know.

    TK suggested IoT Deep Dive on Defence applications of IoT.

    ACTION: AB to schedule one on the program for a coupe of months time – GS to host

    ACTION: AB to schedule an Open Mic for 2 to 3 months time – TK to organize

    Chapter 2:  Common Functions

    Asset management

    Control and Supervision

    Tracking – need webinar on tracking technologies – GPS, Celluar, WiFi, signpost systems

    Chapter 3: Industry specific application

    Lots of holes – webinars already held need to be transcribed & integrated

    Chapter 4: IOT Practices – these would have broad appeal within EA

    Lots of holes

    Compliance & Regulatory Standards – get a speaker from ACMA or EMC Society; or GS could present – this could be a topic for an IoT Deep Dive

    IoT Standards

    Intellectual Property, Legal – GS can get a speaker from Bird & Bird IP attorneys

    Project Management, Quality Management – GS could present but is over-exposed – can be find someone maybe through EA College of Leadership and Management

    Risk Engineering – get a presenter from Risk Engineering Society

    3. Other Activities

    3.1 Conference opportunities

    AusEngCon 2018 (Sydney)

    World Engineers Convention 2019 (Melbourne)


    ACTION:  GS will maintain a watching brief on what is happening, and promote opportunities through EA

    TK cautioned against thought of cooperating with IOTAA – we should be better off pursuing in our own right.  Face to face meetings of community are a good community building opportunity.  Having an IoT stream at major conferences perhaps makes more sense than trying to run a pure IoT event.

    4. Other Items

    Reaching out to Academia, research  and consulting engineers (as we have just done for commercial) – TK to address “Digital Innovation Ecosystem” is the fashionable conceptual all-encompassing term for the group of stakeholders.  “Landing Pad” is another contemporary term.

    Landing Pads: Berlin, Tel Aviv, San Francisco, Shanghai, Singapore

    ACTION: TK to do research contacts and do a bulk EMAIL to universities (TK has a list of 41Unis in Oz) & consulting engineers  TK to set up in a spreadsheet accessible on the community site

    ACTION: TK to contact Peter Leihn

    Arkady suggested that Tim should follow up with Peter Leihn – Data61 CSIRO



    GS activity through IOTAA – education about IoT – CEO to Tertiary to Secondary school

    TK is to get EA to create a form to make AB, AZ and other core members Officers of EA to allow sharing of information for use by the community

    AB is on IOTAA Workstream 6 – Innovation and Startups.  TK questioned why IOTAA are not proactively interacting with our community – GS will maintain contacts and see where the relationship can evolve.

    AB would like statistics on Webinar library access  - TK has the numbers; significant numbers of EA members are accessing the library, with small but significant numbers of purchases; TK wants to evolve  materials to a structured e-learning format – Sandra Gallagher on EA staff is an e-learning professional who

  10. Core Members Virtual Meeting Thu 9-Feb-17

    Participants:  Arthur, James, Arkady, Tim, Geoff

    Notes taken by Geoff

    Preliminary Discussion - Webinar Program

    Webinar – weekly or fortnightly? – AB commented that there are plenty of topics – the issue was that of mustering resources to organize.  GS concurred.

    We do not have speakers lined up for the next 4 weeks and have till Friday to fill the gap.

    We have till tomorrow to lock someone in for next week.

    14-Feb – Arthur as a possible speaker*

    21-Feb – James to organize speaker but can’t commit to host

    28 Feb – Geoff to organize

    7-Mar -

    14-Mar -

    21-Mar – Arkady (tentative)


    *For Tue 14th or some other date – a panel discussion group with open Q&A session


    Agenda Item 1)      Topic areas we are short on are:

    • Data Analytics - need a real 101 introduction to this.
    • Cloud is a bit thin and comes from one particular perspective. Again need a 101 introduction about how to use it, set it up etc.
    • Device management - Zero content. Do we need it?
    • Sensors: Waiting on James to upload
    • Middleware: Zero content - what is it? Is this one for you geoff?
    • Mobile Device apps: Again empty. What can we say about this.
    • Trust and privacy: How is it different from Security?
    • Spectrum management: Zero content on this.

    AB commented that the structure of the BoK included broad topic areas and could be restructured to  marrow down the second level.  TK indicated that a Wiki should self-construct and organize, and in theory did not need a table of contents – but a ToC is useful to kick things off.  James is in charge of the BoK and will discuss with Arthur.

    Agenda Item 2)      Projects for the community: Discussion of the survey done last year. The order of priority of things members wanted are:

    a.      Best practice notes on more advanced IOT topics – Wiki is a start on this.  Practice notes require significant effort to produce and there is no appetite within EA to fund this.

    b.      Introductory tutorials on core IOT topics – AB opinion that this is the easiest path to address

    c.       Laboratory workshops on how to actually set up a working IOT system

    d.      Half or full day training sessions on core IOT topics – GS - This and the above item – not feasible to tackle this without EA staff support; this could be Webinar based  as opposed to a physical venue.  TK – this needs to be done on an integrated structured learning basis to engage Engineering Education Australia – this can piggy-back on GS proposal for World Engineering Congress for an IoT conference stream – to serve as a contents list

    e.      A categorised directory of all IOT vendors and service providers – TK commented that there was some feedback asking for this – Geoff ad Arkady concurred that the issue of whom to go to for information was one of the biggest constraints to anyone wanting to get an IoT implementation off the ground.  CSIRO are active in this area, on a commercial basis.  IoTAA are also compiling a list. Whilst linking to third party lists has its attractions, there are likely to be commercial constraints. TK plan is to integrate the resources directory into the BoK, and accept that it may not be comprehensive.  Care is required to ensure that inclusion in the directory is not seen as a pseudo-endorsement of organizations in the directory.

    f.       A well structured conference on all aspects of IOT engineering

    g.      A guide to gaining grants for IOT projects

    h.      A challenge/competition to create an innovative IOT system

    James raised the idea of providing a “how to” guidance to set up an IoT development lab.

    Tim raised the possibility of setting up an event at EA venue where working IoT systems could be demonstrated on a “hot to “ basis.  Arkady commented that there are avenues via universities and other groups (eg CSIRO) serving this need – we should not compete or unnecessarily cross over with what others are doing.

    Our Wiki should wherever practicable link to existing external resources as opposed to duplicating information.

    Arthur emphasised the Applied and Australian focus of the community – to be relevant, we must maintain our locality focus.  There needs to be a balance between drawing on international experience and resources, whilst being aware of activities, constraints and unique aspects of IoT in Australia.

    And other interesting suggestions were:

    ·           a guide to accessing government data ((like weather, power use, traffic vehicles, traffic people, transport stats, etc held under Govt freedom of use for research and everyday consumption)

    ·          More on emerging tech

    3)      Other things discussed:

    ·         our first face to face meeting   - TK suggests meeting in EA offices in each city, video-conference linked.  To discuss at a later meeting.

    ·         Revisiting the LinkedIn forum – Still exists and will be used for promotiom

    ·         Filling roles and getting the operating model to work – Roles filled other than forms facilitator- GS needs to address this

    TK to communicate with members on webinar transcription and BOK population exercise .  GS suggested that we need to pick low hanging fruit and focus on content-rich webinars first – James concurred, especially now that BoK content is starting to build - we can now be more selective.







  11. The CLICK series look like a useful range of relatively low cost devices for bespoke IoT/M2M applications.

    I see thay have an Australian presence https://www.directautomation.com.au/plc-pc-control/click-plc-units.html so presumably the devices sourced locally are C-ticked?

    There is a big risk that equipment which is not compliant with Australan reguations or standards will be directly imported and deployed - particularly non-compliant radio equipment.  Also opportunities for distributors to pick up product lines for importation.



  12. There is a whole ecosystem of modules and solutions for connection of IoT devices via LTE, which are available on the market.

    The generic requirement is for an LTE  modem (3G or 4G) which provides the connection to the network; generally used in conjuncton with a microcontroller based device which connects to the modem and performs the funcion of gathering and processing sensor data for uploading, or which  implements downloaded commands for control functions.

    My company Genesys which is a sponsor of this community develops IoT solutions rouind our own proprietary modules.  LX Innovatons in Sydney does likewise as do other specialist electronics development service providers.  Companies like Braetec, M2M Connectivity and Netcomm supply modules and/or LTE modems.

    I am not a fan of the Rasberry Pi as a production solution, as it is a "closed architectue" device with no guaranteed longevity of supply.  The Beaglebome Black is based on a production chipset so is a safer bet. 

    Many people are using Arduino ad the lower end of the complexiy spectrum.

    There are many suitable PIC mocrocontrollers, as well as Cortex M0/M3/M4/M7 offerings from ST, NXP and other vendors.  MCP430's are a good low power solution.



  13. Attendees:

    Arthur Baoustanos

    Adam Charter

    Geoff Sizer

    Tim Kannegieter

    Internal EA Marketing Campaign for IoT Community

    ACTION (TK): Tim to write a covering letter/EMAIL to ACS, IET and IEEE.

    Carry over to next meeting; GS to do the organizational work between now and the new year, in preparation for a marketing campaign launch in the new year.

    Samantha Zdjelar – new EA marketing manager for our sort of activity.

    Action (TK): Tim to meet SZ in the new year – maybe others to join by VC.

    Plan is to contact the following, to enlist their assistance in promoting the Community.  Along with an offer to assist with formulating proposals for new communities, establishing webinar programs etc.

    Refer to minutes of 2-Dec-16 meeting

    Webinar Program

    Brimbank council going ahead.   Ipswich council will be presenting at this webinar.

    First meeting in the new year is 16-Jan-17

    Arthur is away for Jan so we need to have the first 4 Jan webinars lined up.

    Desire to line up webinars around themes, rather than random choices based on who is available.  Focus on data analytics; defence, national electricity grid

    TK spoke to the webinar frequency vs taxonomoy.

    ACTION (AB): Work on lining up presentations to fill gaps where we have not had a presentation.

    ACTION (TK): we need to vary the formula – panel sessions – “open mike day” – do something different every 4 weeks (eg 14-Feb-16 Panel Sessions; 7-Mar-16 Open Mike Day) - TK will organize these.

    ACTION (TK): We need to have periodic face-to-face meetings; this was an objective for 2016 but has not proven practical; objective is to hold quarterly Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec 2017 – national networked meetings held in EA’s video conferencing facility- 2 or 3 hour brainstorming event.  Need a host at leach location.  This can be coordinated with ITEE College Branch programs, through their committees.

    ACTION (GS): Put TK in contact with appropriate IoTAA personnel to discuss – will set up a meeting

    ACTION (GS): GS is engaging with Frank Ziecher (IoTAA) regarding a joint initiative to prepare a position paper along the lines of “How IoT can facilitate the implementation of a National Electricity Grid”.  Watch this space!

    Other hot topics in this area are smart meters (part of the above)

    Deadline for input to review is 21-Feb – we need to schedule activity now in order to get something to happen in time. 

    Relevant topics:

    Smart meters

    Climate & weather pattern predictions as an input tactical grid management

    Micro-generation and local storage – including electric vehicles

    Can we get Alan Finkel to present??

    ACTION (All): We need to find more volunteers to assist with Webinar editing – GS will include this in the communication within EA; TK will do as many as practicable over the break, with the objective of clearing the backlog.

    ACTION (TK): Analyse attendees list to identify regular webinar attendees who can be invited to participate as core members/webinar editors

    Other Activities

    ACTION (TK): process mapping and procedural instructions for Society roles; draft newsletter (suggest make it more vibrant – may be limited by the platform capabilities) – to be sent out fortnightly.  Newsletter serves as an attractant to the forums. (Tim is making progress on this; it remains as a WIP action item.  Everything resides in box.com link provided by Tim – to be used for recording upload etc.)

    ACTION (JB/AB): Advise forums facilitator of significant changes to BOK/Calendar, for inclusion in the newsletter

    ACTION (TK/GS/PG): To work on how we will capture a directory of IoT service providers – we will proceed with this, but being aware that IoTAA are preparing an IoT “who’s who” ontology – a some point we may compare notes.  TK’s work on this is a lower priority than editing webinars into the BOK.

    Adam’s contribution to the community: Assist with forums, and engage with mechanical college.  This can form a model for engagement with other cohorts of the engineering community.


  14. Internal EA Marketing Campaign for IoT Community

    Objective at this stage – internal EA marketing to raise awareness of community, and to grow community membership

    ACTIONS (all):

    ·         Arthur – Melb

    ·         Tim – Syd

    ·         James - Brisbane

    ·         Geoff – the rest

    ·         Arthur – IET

    ·         Geoff – ACS, IEEE

    ACTION (TK): Tim to write a covering letter/EMAIL to ACS, IET and IEEE.

    Plan is to contact the following, to enlist their assistance in promoting the Community.  Along with an offer to assist with formulating proposals for new communities, establishing webinar programs etc.

    ·         EA Board members and Congress delegates – already done

    ·         EPAC members – GS has a full contact list – Tech Society chairs. SIG chairs, College chairs

    ·         Colleges though College Chairs Forum

    ·         Branch Chairs

    ·         Divisions via GMs

    ·         Outside EA – ACS, IET, IEEE where GS has reasonable contacts

    ·         Divisional offices – get brochures on display

    The above groups have a fair bit of overlap of personnel, but this is not really a problem.

    Broader marketing plan will be devised and actioned in the new year.

    Webinar Program

    ·         Sigfox locked in

    ·         LoRa agreed but not yet finalized

    ·         Brimbank council in progress

    ACTION (GS): Geoff has new contact – company developing low cost thermal sensing array – will forward to Arthur

    ACTION (AB): Moving forward, we will aim to have 4 presentations in the pipeline, with materials sent to presenters accordingly

    ACTION (All): All core members to provide Arthur as much support as they are able, in terms of lining up presenters

    ACTION (JB): Part of James’ role is to identify gaps – eg defence, data analytics – and highlight the need to find presenters on these topics

    ACTION (TK): we need to vary the formula – panel sessions – “open mike day” – do something different every 4 weeks (eg 14-Feb-16 Panel Sessions; 7-Mar-16 Open Mike Day) - TK will organize these.

    ACTION (TK): We need to have periodic face-to-face meetings; this was an objective for 206 but has not proven practical; objective is to hold quarterly Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec 2017 – national networked meetings held in EA’s video conferencing facility- 2 or 3 hour brainstorming event.  Need a host at leach location.  This can be coordinated with ITEE College Branch programs, through their committees.

    ACTION (All): We need to find more volunteers to assist with Webinar editing – GS will include this in the communication within EA; TK will do as many as practicable over the break, with the objective of clearing the backlog.

    ACTION (TK): Analyse attendees list to identify regular webinar attendees who can be invited to participate as core members/webinar editors

    Webinar Themes

    ·         Industry/case study/technical

    ·         Presentations from companies active in the IoT space – more commercially oriented

    CPD Plus - As long as accompany is prepared to present information which is not a direct sales pitch, they can be invited to present and promote their products.  Presenters in this category must contact Tim to authorize and determine payment arrangements

    Other Activities

    ACTION (TK): process mapping and procedural instructions for Society roles; draft newsletter (suggest make it more vibrant – may be limited by the platform capabilities) – to be sent out fortnightly.  Newsletter serves as an attractant to the forums.

    ACTION (JB/AB): Advise forums facilitator of significant changes to BOK/Calendar, for inclusion in the newsletter

    ACTION (TK/GS/PG): To work on how we will capture a directory of IoT service providers


  15. The approach we are following at Genesys is to have a multiple way bet.

    For Wireless LANs, we are focussing on 6LoWPAN (similar to Zigbee but open-source) in both 2.4 GHz and 915 MHz bands.  Networks can be configured as star topology, or meshed/repeaterized simply by turning on meshing in some or all nodes.  To be most effective, the meshing nodes require a continually available power source - eg mains derived, or solar+battery.

    For PANs, we are using BLE - and WiFi for mobile device access.

    WANs are presently stuck with 3G/4G, plus a number of intiialives using Sigfox where it is suitable.  We anxiously await NB-IOT and if they get their act together with a national rollout, LoRa/Taggle/Ingenu/Myriota LPWANs.

    And, of course, boring old wired networks (NBN, ADSL, Ethernet, RS-485, CAN bus) also feature.  (Why use wireless when a perfectly good piece of wire will do?)

    We are designing highly modular connectivity solutions as plug-on modules, to avoid hitching our wagon to the wrong star.  This also facilitates multi-network solutions for redundancy.



  16. BOK Coordinator

    James Bird has been appointed to the role of BOK Coordinator.  The role will involve management and organizing of BOK information capture, but not to process all of the presentations – this job would be shared around.

    There is a significant amount of initial work to process the backlog.

    Membership Drive

    GS is to promote AIOTEC within EA to raise awareness and increase EA member participation – through EA Divisions and  branches.

    GS to gauge the temperature within EA next week at Congress in Brisbane.

    What is an IoT Expert

    IoT Alliance workstreams perhaps provides the best indication of the breadth of knowledge areas, from which we can learn.

    No individual can hope to gain mastery of all facets of IoT technology.

    Events and Budgets

    Arthur can organise an IET – funded face to face event in Melb in the new year – maybe Feb or beyond.

    Tim is trying to set up something in Sydney.

    GS will liaise with other Branches to get something happening.

    Webinar Program

    6-Dec presentation is proving difficulty to set up – possible presentation by Greennbank council – deadline tomorrow to have this sorted, to look for Plan B.

    13-Dec – TBD – maybe a technical presentation.

  17. Promise of low cost Sigfox modules.


    Whilst I'll "believe it when I see it" - ie Sigfox modules which are fully Australian-certified (by Sigfox, and legal for use in Australia), at the prices quoted, at realistic quantitiy price break points - this is a promising development.

    The long-term viability of Sigfox in Australia may well depend on this coming to pass.







  18. Update of Minutes


    Arthur Baoustanos

    Geoff Sizer

    Christopher Lew

    James Bird

    Tim Kannegieter

    1.       Community roles and process flow – call for volunteers for roles


    Assigned Roles

    Community leader:  Geoff Sizer <g.sizer@genesysdesign.com.au>

    Body of Knowledge Coordinator: Shared between Chris and James

    Webinar Program Coordinator: Arthur Baoustanos arthur@aib-consulting.com  Includes management of Webinar hosting role

    Community volunteers (x6): Share this around amongst the core group in the interim

    Forums facilitator: Tim Kannegieter in an interim capacity; GS to find encumbent for the longer term

    EA Liaison – EA staff member(s):

    IoT Forum –> community agenda is location for Core Members meeting minutes


    2.       Webinar program – December webinars


    Arthur has formally taken the reigns.  Forward looking   program as per updated spreadsheet.

    Webinar program - Aurther to start filling slots and to start experimenting with different formats.

    TK to orgnise transcription of webinars held to date and provide an example of editing into BoK.

    TK to assign editing role to core members to edit past Webinars. TK to liasie one on one with each role to provide guidelines and explanation.


    3.       Other business





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