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  1. Initiatives to mandate the registration of engineers, particularly those working in safety-critical areas, have the potential to significantly benefit society by raising the bar on professional standards and capability.  Of course, a common-sense approach will be required to avoid stifling innovation with excessive red tape.

    How does this relate to IoT?  IoT is really a term which recognizes the convergence of Internet connectivity, Cloud computing, mobile device applications and  low power wireless networking, with low cost embedded microcontrollers and sensors.  It represents a collection of skill sets, rather than one unique skill.

    Which engineers are affected?  Just about every electronics engineer and software engineer will be touched in some way by the IoT, as system designers, developers, deplorers  and maintainers.  Most other engineers re likely to become IoT users.

    So the IoT brings together a whole range of contemporary engineering skills and disciplines and throws some newly-evolving ones into the mix, eg Cloud computing, Big Data analytics and mobile devices as user-interface portals.  The IoT already touched many mission-critical and safety-critical systems, and with time society will become increasingly reliant upon them – think IoT to enhance power systems reliability; autonomous vehicles; mobile device apps for medical equipment and infrastructure control.  All faced with major treats such as Internet security, availability and reliability.

    Will this lead to the “Registered  IoT Engineer”?  Maybe, at least a the systems level.  Our universities would be well served by addressing the issue of undergraduate training to equip graduates with  top-to-bottom IoT engineering skills.  And Govt regulators should think about what society’s increasing dependence on the IoT means as a catalyst for registration.

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