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  1. Interesting development in the UK. UK IoT Cyber security Measures.pdf
  2. We just ordered a development kit from Myriota - the first one ordered! Due in 4 to 6 weeks. It comes with a satellite emulator which will be handy for development. We are aiming to be the first to offer a commercially-ready Myriota satellite comms module solution for Things. Geoff.
  3. I have customers queueing up to get Things onto NB1 - anxiously awaiting availability of cost-effective data plan SIMs, and Telstra-certified Cat NB1 modules. It is fiendishly difficult getting reliable information on this. Does anyone have any insights they can share?
  4. https://www.telstra.com.au/aboutus/media/media-releases/Telstra-adds-narrowband-capability-to-Australias-leading-IoT-network This refers to Cat NB1 (presumably).
  5. To answer Steve's question on project management tools. We have assessed and just committed to a 24 month license for http://cammsproject.com/,for integrated project management across the company, with an integrated timesheet system which they are modifying to tuit our needs (for a fee). It provides some collaboration facilities. I will let the community know how it goes down the track. On JIRA, we use it is a number of ways. I would commend it to others - especially good as it it Australian-developed, wo we can support local industry. For software development, we have an inward-
  6. In attendance: Arkady, Arthur, Geoff, Peter, Tim 1. Trial of Webcast Arrangement Arthur as organizer (with Peter) – able to successfully connect to a big screen Geoff as presenter, Tim as audience member, Akady as audience member Some fine tuning to do 2. Webinar Program - 2017 Unfilled slot 24-Oct – too late to do anything 7-Nov - Melb Cup day so do 14-Nov instead 14-Nov – Geoff 21-Nov or 28-Nov – Dan Hunter 12-Dec - Steve 3. Webinar Program - 2018 We will concentrate on 2018, and ensure that we have a robust proce
  7. Attendees: Tim, Arkady, Geoff Apoligies: Arthur, Peter 1. General Discussion Arkady reported from his trip that there is a big head of steam building for IoT in Europe. GS advised of a report on Everything IoT conference on ABC news 11-Oct-17 – including a brief comment from Frank Zeichner. GS advised on problems experienced by organisations seeking end-to-end solutions in finding a complete solution provider. 2. Background TK is launching two new communities - Risk Engineering BOK in the new year; and Energy Engineering (supported by electrical
  8. 1. Meeting commenced at 12:00 Tim, Peter, Ramon Geoff; Arthur tendered his apologies 2. Roles and Responsibilities Tim has reached agreement with journalist Nadine Trannenberg to transcribe Webinars to Wiki for a fixed price of $150 per transcription and has obtained budget from EA for doing this for the next year. Peter has agreed to take up the role of BOK manager to preform quality control, based on the transcriptions from NT and comments from the author. This involves direct transfer of information into the Wiki. 3. Review of Webinar Program We have 6 or 7 we
  9. 1. www.iotfestival.com.au Next year we should aim to become a Media Partner or Association Partner.
  10. Attendees: Arthur, Peter, Ramon, Tim, Geoff 1. Welcome to new Core Members Peter and Ramon each gave a brief overview of their background and their interest in IoT 2. Roles and responsibilities The community roles & work flow spreadsheet was discussed, led by Tim. Tim has reached agreement with journalist to transcribe Webinars to Wiki for a fixed price of $150 per transcription and is seeking budget from EA for next year. Peter has volunteered to transcribe the 20-Jun Webinar. 3. Review of Webinar program Webinar presentations locked in up to and in
  11. More information http://www.smartcompany.com.au/startupsmart/news-analysis/muru-d-is-moving-in-with-telstras-new-iot-hub-as-the-telco-giant-launches-search-for-an-entrepreneur-in-residence/?utm_source=SmartCompany+Subscriber+List&utm_campaign=9429aaed87-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2017_05_05_SUS&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_8dbe677b42-9429aaed87-94981809
  12. Attendees AB TK JB GS 1. Event planning for face-to-face meeting EA are reluctant to approach Alan Finkel, as they wish to reserve him for bigger EA events. It was agreed that Alex Zelinsky would be a suitable presenter – we will approach him through GS. We need to secure him before setting the event date (was 16 May but this is likely to change). ACTION: GS to action this coming weekend. 2. Review Webinar Program Meeting scheduled for 9-May Renewable Energy Case study. Arkady to host; AB is available as backup; GS can be wingman. Following meeting 23-May.
  13. Event details AGENDA 1. Event planning for face-to-face meeting 2. Review Webinar Program 3. Outstanding action items from previous meetings 4. Other business GoToMeeting Details Thu, 27 Apr 2017 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM AEST Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone. https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/388151997 You can also dial in using your phone. Australia: +61 2 8355 1050 Access Code: 388-151-997 First GoToMeeting? Try a test session: http://help.citrix.com/getready
  14. Meeting opened at 12:00 - Geoff, Arkady, Marcelo, Tim 1. Event planning for 16-May-17 First face-to-face meeting. To be held in the evening EST. Rooms booked 5:30 to 8:00 EST in EA major offices with VC facilities. The main speaker should be in an auditorium to accommodate a larger audience at that location. Purpose of face-to-face is to help build sense of community. We need a drawcard to boost attendance – a theme and a topic. TK suggests we have a speaker (20 mins) then a brainstorm held at each location to discuss then present back to the audience. Consensu
  15. AGENDA 1. Event planning for 16-May-17 2. ACS is setting up an IoT board. (Arkady) 3. Review Webinar Program 4. Outstanding action items from previous meetings 5. Other business GoToMeeting Information New Meeting Thu, 6 Apr 2017 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM AEST Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone. https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/598419997 You can also dial in using your phone. Australia: +61 2 8355 1038 Access Code: 598-419-997 First GoToMeeting? Try a test session: http://help.citrix.com/getready
  16. until
    Agenda 1. Review Webinar Program 2. Outstanding action items from previous meetings 3. Other business
  17. Attendees: Geoff Arthur, Arkady, Tim 1. Webinar Program With the forward looking program in place for the next month, we can adopt a more strategic view moving forwards. 1.1 Review program for topic balance Arkady who is less close to the organizational front and can take a more objective view than AB or GS commented that his view is that the balance is quite good so far – in terms of topic coverage and general interest vs detailed technical topics. AZ suggested that we should aim to have presentations on “best practice” in areas such as smart cities etc.
  18. until
    Preliminary Agenda - Core Members Meeting 23-Feb-17 1. Webinar Program 1.1 Review program for topic balance 1.2 Assess effectiveness of recent EMAIL request 1.3 Discuss effectiveness of Open Mic – and how we can best use the format 2. BoK 2.1 Gap analysis and how to close the gaps (Geoff to lead) Lightweight Areas: Some gaps can be filled from content inwebinars held so far Chapter 1: Technologies Data Analytics Cloud Sensors – a webinar on generic sensor technology would be good – maybe a “guided open mic” session? Energy Manage
  19. Core Members Virtual Meeting Thu 9-Feb-17 Participants: Arthur, James, Arkady, Tim, Geoff Notes taken by Geoff Preliminary Discussion - Webinar Program Webinar – weekly or fortnightly? – AB commented that there are plenty of topics – the issue was that of mustering resources to organize. GS concurred. We do not have speakers lined up for the next 4 weeks and have till Friday to fill the gap. We have till tomorrow to lock someone in for next week. 14-Feb – Arthur as a possible speaker* 21-Feb – James to organize speaker but can’t commit to host 28
  20. The CLICK series look like a useful range of relatively low cost devices for bespoke IoT/M2M applications. I see thay have an Australian presence https://www.directautomation.com.au/plc-pc-control/click-plc-units.html so presumably the devices sourced locally are C-ticked? There is a big risk that equipment which is not compliant with Australan reguations or standards will be directly imported and deployed - particularly non-compliant radio equipment. Also opportunities for distributors to pick up product lines for importation.
  21. There is a whole ecosystem of modules and solutions for connection of IoT devices via LTE, which are available on the market. The generic requirement is for an LTE modem (3G or 4G) which provides the connection to the network; generally used in conjuncton with a microcontroller based device which connects to the modem and performs the funcion of gathering and processing sensor data for uploading, or which implements downloaded commands for control functions. My company Genesys which is a sponsor of this community develops IoT solutions rouind our own proprietary modules. LX Innova
  22. Attendees: Arthur Baoustanos Adam Charter Geoff Sizer Tim Kannegieter Internal EA Marketing Campaign for IoT Community ACTION (TK): Tim to write a covering letter/EMAIL to ACS, IET and IEEE. Carry over to next meeting; GS to do the organizational work between now and the new year, in preparation for a marketing campaign launch in the new year. Samantha Zdjelar – new EA marketing manager for our sort of activity. Action (TK): Tim to meet SZ in the new year – maybe others to join by VC. Plan is to contact the following, to enlist their assistance
  23. Internal EA Marketing Campaign for IoT Community Objective at this stage – internal EA marketing to raise awareness of community, and to grow community membership ACTIONS (all): · Arthur – Melb · Tim – Syd · James - Brisbane · Geoff – the rest · Arthur – IET · Geoff – ACS, IEEE ACTION (TK): Tim to write a covering letter/EMAIL to ACS, IET and IEEE. Plan is to contact the following, to enlist their assistance in promoting the Community. Along with an offer to assist with formulating proposals for
  24. I guess you can be smart as well as boring .... Only joking! I am an ex Adelaidian.
  25. The approach we are following at Genesys is to have a multiple way bet. For Wireless LANs, we are focussing on 6LoWPAN (similar to Zigbee but open-source) in both 2.4 GHz and 915 MHz bands. Networks can be configured as star topology, or meshed/repeaterized simply by turning on meshing in some or all nodes. To be most effective, the meshing nodes require a continually available power source - eg mains derived, or solar+battery. For PANs, we are using BLE - and WiFi for mobile device access. WANs are presently stuck with 3G/4G, plus a number of intiialives using Sigfox where it
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