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  1. "Perhaps we need to focus more on the M2M interactions?"

    Jimbo, I definitely agree. I will be posting a few more blog articles in the near future that discuss this, but it seems that the current view of IoT is not so much "Internet of Things" but "Internet of Sensors" or "Internet of Big Data".

    I have no doubt that there is value in gathering sensed data and doing analytics - a-la the Australian Bureau of Statistics and census. But what does this achieve other than developing medium and long term knowledge, or allowing a corporate to do a better "sell job" on you? It seems like many involved parties who should know better thing that IoT is a matter of putting sensors on everything, establishing communications for data gathering, and then mining the data.

    The IoT needs to contain actions - ie have actuation allowed for. (This is a big "pet" interest of mine.) And these actions are the 50% of the value of IoT in many, many productivity related applications. And productivity = value to end users and $$$ to service providers and product sellers. 

    Yep - M2M :-).



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