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  1. Hi Adam, Thanks for joining and commenting. It's always great to see people getting in to this space. We host year 10 students for work experience, and they are all over it. Bodes well for the future, but also a bit of a kick for more experienced guys to stay current. Re you questions. "In the short term, what would be a good place to start to learn how to get data from a Thing to a cloud?" Yes - and vice-versa. I would suggest AWS as the simplest entry to the cloud space, and then initially getting a feel for comms transport via some basic PC or mobile device app. There a
  2. Hi Stuart, I very much enjoyed reading your post. It was great to feel your enthusiasm. A good starting point for cost-benfit is with the saving of labour costs (and its morally/ethically nice to think that roles could be upskilled to where humans can be adding value that tech can't easily add, eg pattern matching, strategic decision making etc - tech is great & more reliable than us when it comes for laborious/repetitive work). So, if you can tally staff infrastructure costs (in as much detail as you can get) from people/cars/petrol/insurance/accommodation/etc etc, plus rat
  3. "Perhaps we need to focus more on the M2M interactions?" Jimbo, I definitely agree. I will be posting a few more blog articles in the near future that discuss this, but it seems that the current view of IoT is not so much "Internet of Things" but "Internet of Sensors" or "Internet of Big Data". I have no doubt that there is value in gathering sensed data and doing analytics - a-la the Australian Bureau of Statistics and census. But what does this achieve other than developing medium and long term knowledge, or allowing a corporate to do a better "sell job" on you? It seems like many
  4. Gold!!! In all seriousness, it's true - most people really don't know or understand what IoT is meant to be. They thing its about inserting a sensor into the Internet, and then seeing what happens.
  5. Andrew, I could not agree more. I am writing down my thoughts on this progressively; you may be interested:
  6. I’ll be blunt: the hype surrounding wearables as a mainstream commodity item is overstated, even in the context of IoT. I confess that I do own a watch, a gift from my wife, but I also confess that it languishes somewhere in the “third draw down”, along with other items that are out of sight and out of mind, but not necessarily in that order. Indeed, back in the day, everyone who could afford one wore a watch. When I was going through school, calculator watches were the representation of the pinnacle of electronic accessorising. And possibly handy in the classroom, too. Fast forward
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