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  1. Just attaching some photos of a recent deployment in Victoria pre-lockdown. Using LoRa devices, 3G cellular, and the Telstra network.
  2. Hi everyone. I'm Akiba, a specialist in IoT/WSN. I've been involved in wireless sensor networks since 2002 and helped work on the 802.15.4 spec as well as the Zigbee-2006 spec in the US. I'm currently doing designs involving LoRa for local sensor networks and using 3G and 4G NB-IoT cellular backhauls. I'm also working with the Argos satellite network for environmental monitoring projects in more extreme remote areas and have projects out in the Australian bush. I'll be moving to Australia soon and looking forward to making acquaintances with fellow IoT engineers out there. Hope everyone is good. Stay safe and take care. Akiba
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