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  1. For the time we decided to offer our decisions to Maersk, trying to fill their blockchain with our navigation system. Also we have got some ideas in positioning and tracking the vessel without satellite in conditions of radio-electronic warfare.
  2. So I imagine that this Lab will help us to form cognitive experience of robots registered by different sensors, applicable for various tasks in complex systems and even build new management system
  3. Please, feel free to ask anything.. I have spent more than a year just accumulating information, trying to understand useful ways of implementation. And there is much more to invent... In spring of 2018 there has been a project going for Initial Coin Offering (ICO), where I was invited as an advisor. They would like to build an ecosystem for Artifical Intelligence (AI). Sounds good, isn`t it? However, due to my interest in radio electronics and a clear understanding of the generators and sensors interaction, and the basic principles of the CPU, I drew attention to the team's m
  4. Dear Sirs! I represent R&D community. We decided to build a modular laboratory, in order to provide the possibility of remote experiments posing and simulation to detect and record the interaction of induced radiation sources with different materials and substances in different aggregate states in simulated (specified) conditions, and with an ability to get the result being transported worldwide to the consumer physically and in form of useful algorithms of code. This will also let us to form on the platform basis a library of useful algorithms, which could be used by developers
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