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  1. IoT and Wearable technologies: Application of wearable technologies in future Engineering industries (Mining, Telco, Water).
  2. Yes I would like to know more as well. I have a bacground in Nanotechnology (Bachelor) so would be keen to know how it is related and are there (if any) activities in Australia on it. I assume it would focus on using nano-sized sensors and particles with many applications including health.
  3. Hi I am not sure if you managed to reply to my question above because I had a work related call at the last 5 minutes of the discussion just now unfortunately so I might have missed your answer. Appreciate it if you could reply in writing to the question I asked above. I am very interested in this area. Thanks.
  4. Hi everyone, I have graduate as a civil engineer last year and started working at Accenture with the technology consulting segment. I have seen a great rise in digital innovation and rise in IoT. I have started reading on this and have seen some project such as IBM and Yarra Valley Water in Water Asset Management using IBM Blue mix or Accenture and National Farmers Federation in Agriculture. As a Civil Engineer in IT and on behalf of many others in similar situation, how could I participate in projects within IoT and how could I marry up my knowledge in Civil Engineering with IoT applications. Are there any training or reading materials available that could bring people like me up to speed? Thanks and regards, Amid
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