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  1. I'm working with a customer on an IOT device that utilize a mesh network for: inter-device communications, configuration and reporting. We're at the network design stage and can foresee some challenges ahead and wanted to know if anyone has solved the network scale challenges and how. Functional Requirements No gateway for basic installation Devices will be enrolled with a thrid party device (eg phone, tablet, computer) IoT device senses multiple environmental variables and performs a switching function IoT device can act as a group/zone (when configured) ie one device triggers a behavior in the group (needs to be reliable). IoT device records data and can be retrieved later for analysis. IoT device has a schedule for behavior Non functional requirements: Up to 8 meters between devices Typical install size 100 IoT devices Max install size 1000 IoT devices Firmware up to 2MB Challenges that we're foreseeing: Size of the mesh - up to 1000 devices Modelling show that with BLE 5 we can go quite high but perhaps not 1000. Priority messages (eg acting as a zone) get exponentially slower with the size of the network. We've not been able to find practical examples of a scale of 400+ devices Is there a way to segment/separate the network. Performance of the mesh Getting a message from one edge to another will be slow. The performance impact of getting an ACK from the far edge of the network will be high. Prioritizing network traffic for certain events Keeping clocks in sync - I would have thought this would be built into BLE 5 and was surprised it's not. Is CheepSync the solution or is there another? I was wondering if anyone has some case studies they can share or know if anyone who has tackled some of the above problems and understands the limits of the network. Presumably something like wirepass would solve the problem if it ran on BLE 5.
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