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  1. The 2nd Annual All-of-Government NZ Digital Transformation is a premier conference bringing leaders from the Government together to identify opportunities to develop New Zealand’s digital capabilities for better public service delivery. The event will include insightful case studies as well as interactive panel sessions discussing a range of topics. This event was previously held in 2017, with over 100 Government leaders in attendance. Attend the two-day conference to hear how other Government organisations are managing their digital, technology, data and business transformations. Packed with exclusive presentations,interactive panel discussions and roundtable sessions. This conference will examine key strategies, plans and initiatives to deliver improved citizen-centric services The 3 key themes to be covered at the conference are: Digital transformation, digital service delivery & engagement: - Governments are modernising their systems and processes to keep up with drive in the innovation economy and deliver better services plus citizen engagement ICT transformation: Citizens are becoming more demanding in timely access to information and services - systems and processes need to be transformed in order to achieve this Data transformation: Government is seeking better citizen insight, to make more informed decisions for both policy and the delivery of digital services For more information on registration please send an email to waleed.ahmed@aventedge.com 2nd Annual All-of-Government NZ Digital Transformation Brochure-WA.pdf
  2. Efficient buildings and public lighting; access to clean energy and water supplies; the ability to travel efficiently; a sense of safety and security - these are the prerequisites modern cities must fulfill to stay competitive and provide a decent quality of life for citizens. The 3rd Annual Australian Smart Cities and Infrastructure Summit delivers a programme that offers solutions to these challenges. Link to further details: http://elm.aventedge.com/iot-asci-home Contact Waleed Ahmed for registration: waleed.ahmed@aventedge.com
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