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  1. with LORA at least, that is what you need to do. However the LORA technology is cheap enough to install transmitters. Also the coverage in the bush will be further
  2. LORAWAN vs SigFow technology. Does anyone have a working preference? I have only used LORA. Answer transcribed from webinar response by Rian Sullings (WaterGroup P/L): It's a very hotly contested space for the wireless networks. Yes, there's a few companies and organisations out there, as well as a few standards that are out there competing to dominate that space. I get asked at least once a week which wireless network is the best wireless network, and the answer is the one that fits what you're trying to do. It fits your use case and can get you started now, and you'll be able to deliver a project or a solution on time and on budget. We've used Sigfox and I used that in the example of our prototype. That was simply because it was a lot easier to get started in Australia with Sigfox. There's already an existing network in a lot of the population centres, like the major cities, there's a lot of support online. LoRaWAN, also a lot of support out there and a lot of network coverage, but some of the devices, getting them in Australian frequencies is a little trickier. Not to say it's not possible. It's very possible. You just have to follow it and pursue it and be dedicated to find what you need on the market or build it yourself. And try to avoid the marketing hype that's out there at the moment. Be careful to use impartial sources. Further information on Low Power WAN page of this wiki.
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