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Chi Binh Le

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Has something changed with the webinar registration? I used to be able to register for the webinars for free as an IEEE member. But when I tried to register for the last webinar, I was asked for credit card details for a $30 charge. I noticed that the charging information on the registration site is inconsistent. On the left side, it says that registration for EA/IET/IEEE members is free. On the right side, it says it is free for EA/IET members, and $30 for other society members.

I sent an email to memberservices@engineersaustralia.org.au last week asking about this but have not received a reply. Could someone please clarify this situation?



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Hi, Sorry there was a mistake made in the set up of the last few webinars which has been corrected now. It is definitely free to members of IEEE, ACS and IET.

Can you please try again and let me know directly if you have any problems via iotengineering@engineersaustralia.org.au

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