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Core Members Meeting Minutes 20-Oct-17

Geoff Sizer

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In attendance: Arkady, Arthur, Geoff, Peter, Tim

1.       Trial of Webcast Arrangement

Arthur as organizer (with Peter) – able to successfully connect to a big screen

Geoff as presenter, Tim as audience member, Akady as audience member

Some fine tuning to do

2.       Webinar Program - 2017

Unfilled slot 24-Oct – too late to do anything

7-Nov - Melb Cup day so do 14-Nov instead

14-Nov – Geoff

21-Nov  or 28-Nov – Dan Hunter

12-Dec - Steve

3.       Webinar Program - 2018

We will concentrate on 2018, and ensure that we have a robust process in place to fill the pipeline moving forwards.

Process to date has been ad-hoc rather than structured; we have been using referrals via our networks.

We can bring more structure by focussing on topic areas, then seeking speakers on topics rather than slotting in what comes along.

TK does not think we are approaching the point of having picked the low-hanging fruit; ideally Tim would have staff support to facilitate the process.

Core Member’s role should be as “theme leaders”, but not spending their time on the handle-cranking and logistics – desirably the task of finding speakers on particular topics would be delegated to a support resource.

Arkady – try and create an environment where speakers are lining up to present, rather than us having to chase them – maybe some form of reward for speakers?  Eg credits for CPEng?  Credentials and prestige?

Arthur – being EA in itself is a drawcard.

Geoff – our track record, number of members, BOK in the form of Webinar recordings have or is reaching a threshold where we have substantial credibility and can do some chest beating

Tim – Arkady is spot on – we will not get there overnight – we should focus intently in getting there.  Best practice for community – typically takes 3 years for community to become self-sustaining.  We have certainly crossed the “credibility threshold” and can now embark on a marketing campaign.

Tim will also engage with vendors and academics to increase level of engagement.

Arkady suggested going to the community audience to invite speakers who may wish to present.  It is a year since we last did this.  As an idea, invite presenters to seek expert opinion on their ideas.

4.       Partnering with Others

IoTAA, organisations such as Data61 – promote each other’s programs etc.

5.       Ideas from Tim

  • Use our database more: i.e. I have an excel spreadsheet of contacts. Publish calendar of vacant slots and ask them to speak. i.e. more bulk emails, less one on one chasing.
  • Develop partnerships: i.e. with other organisations, have a joint program and ask each organisation to be responsible for filling slots.... We already have contacts with IEEE, IET, ACS and is free for members so we should drive those first and then develop other agreements as necessary.
  • Utilise membership: Invite members to speak. Will be a low response rate. But may be able to innovate the format e.g. Present your IoT idea for free advice from our experts... Might need to try successive formats.
  • Admin: Re the admin/email hastle, we would ideally have staff doing this . Communities have been included as a potentially key part of a membership growth strategy being discussed by EA but I have not visibility if this will be approved or tranlate into more resources in my area. So in the short term the only via way of addressing this is to have more volunteers spreading the workload. We should discuss next meeting how to pursue this.
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