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Core Members Meeting Minutes 12-Oct-17

Geoff Sizer

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Attendees: Tim, Arkady, Geoff

Apoligies: Arthur, Peter

1.       General Discussion

Arkady reported from his trip that there is a big head of steam building for IoT in Europe.

GS advised of a report on Everything IoT conference on ABC news 11-Oct-17 – including a brief comment from Frank Zeichner.

GS advised on problems experienced by organisations seeking end-to-end solutions in finding a complete solution provider.

2.       Background

TK is launching two new communities -  Risk Engineering BOK in the new year; and Energy Engineering (supported by electrical College) with a possible fourth – STEM – so TK’s ability to support IoT Community will ramp down – in particular the driving of the agenda – from Feb 2017 onwards.

3.        Webinar Recording

EA members can access video recordings on My Portal, and non EA members can purchase access.  Videos are up on YouTube. Tim edits each video (about 3 hours work) and puts up within 24 hours.  This role by Tim will persist into the future.

EA benefits by building a BOK and CPD collateral; and the community benefits through having the webinar recordings available to its members.

The Webinar editing arrangement is working well.

In due course the current solution may be replaced by an EA-wide enterprise solution for webinars.

4.       Marketing

Now that the community is maturing and the webinar support system in place, Tim will move within EA to internal marketing and support.

Why is EA not running conferences in the space?  Opportunity with new person in place (located in EA office in Sydney) to adopt a more strategic view of conferences within EA.  GS to establish linkage between Tim and Graham Town who is ITEEC Board member with conference portfolio from ITEEC perspective.

Now we have something of substance to show, in particular via the portal, we can start to promote the community and gain synergistic benefits.

Arkady identified Stuart Corner as active in running IoT blog, and having useful contacts in the industry and the media.

Tim sees the main objective is providing greater visibility of the community.

5.       Governance

Tim is proposing that ownership of the IoT Community needs to transfer to the ITEE College, now that the pilot has proven successful and the online community model has been proven.

Energy and Risk Engineering communities are being established based on a model whereby each community is supported by a unit of EA.  Ideally, a similar relationship will be established with ITEE College.

College Board can establish a subcommittee with responsibility for the community.

The community needs to become a part of EA’s main stream, so as to maintain relevance.

6.       Course Accreditation

Universities are establishing IoT courses – EA has a course accreditation role, and logically will put in place measures for course accreditation.

GS is participating in IoT Alliance activity in relation to education, and engagement with EA in this process.  EA’s domain is the University and course accreditation area.

EA and ACS currently jointly accredit software engineering courses, and IoT would be a natural complement to this.

7.       Webinar Program

To be a main topic of the next Core Members meeting


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