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Geoff Sizer

Core Members Meeting Minutes Fri 14-Jul-17

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1. Meeting commenced at 12:00

Tim, Peter, Ramon Geoff; Arthur tendered his apologies

2. Roles and Responsibilities

Tim has reached agreement with journalist Nadine Trannenberg to transcribe Webinars to Wiki for a fixed price of $150 per transcription and has obtained budget from EA for doing this for the next year.

Peter has agreed to take up the role of BOK manager to preform quality control, based on the transcriptions from NT and comments from the author.  This involves direct transfer of information into the Wiki.

3. Review of Webinar Program

We have 6 or 7 webinars queued in the pipeline which is a good achievement thanks mainly to Arthur and Tim.

Chief defence scientist Alex Zelinsky is our highest profile presenter to date and should attract a good audience. 

Will be a webinar; we will look at a face-to-face later.

Evening face-to-face – maybe a case study evening – one from each Syd, Melb, Brisbane  - maybe to all Branches if they can identify participants– supplementary to Branch programs

ACTION: Tim to set a date, maybe late August; follow up next meeting

4. Collaboration with IoTAA

Cooperation may include:

  • Listing each other’s events on our event calendars
  • Promoting each other’s events
  • Holding joint events

ACTION: GS to EMAIL TK a summary of what we might propose for TK to promulgate for approval within EA

5. Collaboration with IoT Summit


As for  item 4 above.

6. Other Items

ACTIONS: At next webinar – organizer to  encourage community members to:

customise their settings for notifications etc

call for registration of case studies for face-to-face events



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