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I'm joining this community to gain knowledge of IoT and transfer that into a senior high school educational setting. After a successful career in computer systems/software engineering within the defence sector, I have moved to the education sector to teach and inspire the next generation of kids. I can see a real opportunity to teach Yr 11 and Y12 students about IoT and how it might impact on their lives. I'm thinking of creating a hybrid IoT simulated/real environment for students to create, design and test. A project like this also helps me maintain my MIEAUST and contribute to CPD! I look forward to making connections that will help my students get hands on with IoT. 

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Hi Michael, One of the ideas we have been playing around with is to have an "IOT Challenge", where we set up free IOT network  for a period of time and challenge engineering students to create their killer IOT application. We could possibly extend this to the STEM outreach setting for high schools. Let us know if you want to get involved via iotengineering@engineersaustralia.org.au

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