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Renewable Energy Case study


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  • Members of Engineers Australia can view the recording free of charge at MyPortal. Just logon and navigate to Industry Applications > Mining and Energy


Presenters: Sivasubramaniyan Kasiviswanathan and Abhijit Roy, Happiest Minds

What you will learn:

  • How to architect and deploy a scalable IoT Solution
  • An overview of an IoT Platform
  • Design considerations for an IoT Solution

Description: The presentation will focus on how we enabled a renewable energy management company to develop an IoT monitoring system that aggregated data from wind turbines, solar panels and hydro plants. The customer was facing serious issues with scalability and was skeptical if the current engineered solution would be able to accommodate moving from 1GW to 10GW power management. We worked with the customer in terms of assessing and architecting an IoT solution that would address their scalability issues while being able to communicate with more than 600 turbines and manage data ingestion of up to 150GB a day.

About the presenters:

Sivasubramaniyan Kasiviswanathan – Program Director, IoT Center of Excellence, Happiest Minds: Siva has more than 15 years of experience in managing Embedded System and Internet technologies products and platforms in several verticals with a primary focus on Automotive and Education. He has spent the last few years building and managing IoT Platforms and gateway software for the industrial space while solving the typical IoT problems faced by enterprise companies by providing them with E2E system integration packages. In his current role Siva is responsible for the program management and delivery function under the freshly minted IoT CoE including in-house PoCs and the proprietary MIDAS Platform.

Abhijit Roy – Associate Director, IoT Center of Excellence, Happiest Minds: has more than 13 years of industry experience with deep expertise in IoT. He has actively worked on architecting and developing end-to-end IoT solutions involving hardware, embedded and software platforms and applications. He has been a key member in many multidisciplinary teams that were engaged in the reform and automation of various verticals such as Industrial, Utilities, Security & Surveillance, Automotive, Logistics, BFSI, Consumer Solutions and others. Abhijit has also held leadership roles with companies like Reliance and the TATA group where he was responsible for strategy, business and technology for creating their IoT product and services portfolio.


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