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Obtaining Analytics from IoT data: A case study of movement behaviour in a building

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Recording: This webinar has now passed.

  • Members of Engineers Australia can view the free recording in MyPortal. Just logon and navigate to IoT Technologies > Data Analytics


Presenter: Jorge Lizama, lead architect for data and analytics solutions, GHD

About the presenter: Jorge has spent the last ten years of his career dedicated to the latest advancement on data technologies. Jorge has worked in the technology consulting market in Latin America and Australia gaining relevant experience in big consulting firms such as NTT, Deloitte and Spanish management consulting firm Everis.

What you will learn:

·         Understanding of the impact of in-memory, cloud reporting and big data technologies

·         How to build a E2E analytics data representation using IoT data

Description: While half of IoT is all about all the type of sensors you can imagine, the other half refers to what you do with the data once collected, plenty of terminology is loosely used such as Big Data and analytics, but how it happens really? How are complex formulas are implemented in the collection of data? How are cleansing operations are done? How is this data is presented in an way that people can really make decisions over it? In this presentation we will discuss two study cases of what to do with IoT data after is collected.

·         “Why is this building moving?” or how from vibration, tilt and other sensors GHD was able to understand key trends on a building behaviour

·         How from bulk water sensor readings GHD was able to infer points on the water network were the flow was inefficient



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