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Core Members Meeting


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Preliminary Agenda - Core Members Meeting 23-Feb-17

1. Webinar Program

1.1 Review program for topic balance

1.2 Assess effectiveness of recent EMAIL request

1.3 Discuss effectiveness of Open Mic – and how we can best use the format

2. BoK

2.1 Gap analysis and how to close the gaps (Geoff to lead)

Lightweight Areas:

Some gaps can be filled from content inwebinars held so far

Chapter 1: Technologies

Data Analytics


Sensors – a webinar on generic sensor technology would be good – maybe a “guided open mic” session?

Energy Management and Energy Sources – maybe a “guided open mic” session?

Chapter 2:  Common Functions

Asset management

Control and Supervision

Tracking – need webinar on tracking technologies – GPS, Celluar, WiFi, signpost systems

Chapter 3: Industry specific application

Lots of holes – webinars already held need to be transcribed & integrated

Chapter 4: IOT Practices – these would have broad appeal within EA

Lots of holes

Compliance – get a speaker from ACMA or EMC Society; or GS could present

Intellectual Property, Legal – GS can get a speaker from Bird & Bird IP attorneys

Project Management, Quality Management – GS could present

Risk Engineering – get a presenter from Risk Engineering Society

3. Other Activities

3.1 Conference opportunities

  • AusEngCon 2018 (Sydney)
  • World Engineers Convention 2019 (Melbourne)
  • Other?

4. Other Items

  • xx

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