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Open Mic on IOT

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Recording: This webinar has now passed. No recording was made.

Title: Open Mic on IOT: Real world engineering applications

Description: This is your opportunity to ask any question you like about the Internet of Things. In this online meeting of the Applied IOT Engineering Community, a panel of experts will be answering questions from engineers wanting to apply Internet of Things (IOT) technology in their field. Members will describe their area of potential application and any questions they have about it. The panel will brainstorm potential solutions and discuss what is needed to implement a solution, from concept to commissioning. Knowledgeable audience members will be invited to share their experiences as well.

This session is perfect for engineers who think that instrumenting things in their area of work could lead to innovation or better productivity, but are not quite sure how to go about it. The session will start with some arranged potential applications and then open up to the audience to raise their project ideas or ask any question they like.


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